The Leopard Girl’s Romance


From Dec 1936. This issue sold for $3,107.00 in 2006.

Campus Doll

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The intimate story of a coed who turned “love” into a big business

From the back:

At Clifton College the male students were never frustrated. When a campus curie teased and ran, there was always Jackie Hayes’ “study rooms” to resort to. There you could do your “homework” in peace. There you could carry on experiments so dear to the hearts of all eager students, with tutors truly dedicated to their work: Sandy, Laura, Rita, Honey and even Jackie—the campus doll herself. True, this extra-curricular work led to no degree but it did satisfy a need, with girls on your own mental level —coeds who knew as much about English Lit, Advanced Psychology—and Love—as you did.

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Blowing The Safe


From the July 1958 issue of Stag magazine, the cover art of which is featured here.


Rig for Surface Battle

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Includes the story Blowing The Safe, featuring the Mort Kunstler illustration here

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“Windy” Zippo Ad (the company’s first ad)


Note that in this ad, both his names are misspelled: Enoc Boles not Enoch Bolles. Soon after the first publication, this artwork began to appear without attribution and eventually was mis-attributed to Alberto Vargas. Today, people sell Windy items on eBay and other venues, thinking it’s Vargas when it’s actually (and obviously from the style) Bolles; I understand that even the Zippo company is confused. As a public service, tell your friends, folks, it’s Bolles, not Vargas.