The Devil In Iron

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The plot concerns the resurrection of a mythical demon due to the theft of a sacred dagger, and an unrelated trap that lures Conan to the island fortress roamed by the demon. Due to its plot loopholes and borrowed elements from Iron Shadows in the Moon, some Howard scholars claim this story is the weakest of the early Conan tales.

This complete issue can be downloaded here


Shadows in Zamboula

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A classic Conan tale. The story takes place over a night in Zamboula, with political intrigue amidst streets filled with roaming cannibals. It features the character Baal-pteor, one of the few humans in the Conan stories to be a physical challenge for the Cimmerian himself. This entire issue can be downloaded here.



This Is It, Michael Shayne

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The torn bill in her limp hand matched the half she’d mailed him. He could almost here her say… This Is It, Michael Shayne

A scissors-blade slaying rocks Miami, as a torn $500 bill in the hands of a murdered girl prods Michael Shayne into a danger-filled chase

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The Heart of Siva

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This is my 1,000 post here on, and I think a Weird Tales cover by Margaret Brundage is the perfect way to mark this milestone. She is one of the quintessential artists who defined the look of the quintessential Pulp magazine. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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How To Tell If You Are Sexually Normal: A personal 25-point checklist


Question 1) Do you fantasize about wrestling cephalopods?


The Damned Lovely

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A priest… a cop… and a killer. When a prominent rabbi is found stabbed to death in a filthy little oil town…

When a dishonest police captain pins the rap on an innocent bystander…

When an enticing blonde, who knows too much, is taken for a ride…

It’s time for genial, two-fisted Father Shanley and rugged Police Detective Sammy Golden to join forces and clean out a rat hole of vice and murder.

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Beach House Tramp


“You must be in a pretty big hurry,” McCord called to the girl. “You’ve forgotten to dress…”

A tantalizing, honey-lush blonde hellion, she fled from her motel shower into the arms of Wes McCord, bringing promises of passion and of a fortune in stolen loot. Then, with one flick of her petal-soft hips, she dragged him through a nightmare maze of speedboats, fists and kill-crazy hoods in a corpse-studded manhunt and treasure search that seared Florida’s Gulf Coast far worse than any tropic sun…


Discotheque Takeover Of The Savage Corrupters

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Straight out of 1968, baby!


The Sex and Rest Castle

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Male illustration, January 1968

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The Marine Who Hid the Pacific’s 12 Most Wanted Women

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Also We Made the First Escape From Goering’s Stalag Luft III and Flying Party Dolls: Exposing The New Airborne Vice Racket

This painting sold at auction in May 2010 for $3,585.00


Hit and Run Rocket Raid

20895195 - Hit and Run Rocket Raid

This illustration appeared on the cover of a Magazine Management title, probably For Men Only, c. 1965.