Letter to Five Wives


She took her pick of five husbands and wrote a startling Letter to Five Wives


Flaming Flirt

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“If it takes one man or if it takes a thousand, I am getting what’s coming to me!”

Edit: Added an odd photographic recreation of this cover by Mala Land, who apparently does a lot of this sort of thing.


The Lonesome Quarter


The Virile and Earthy Story of a Small-Time Rancher and a Roughneck Rodeo Girl


Space Tug


A thrilling adventure of work and war in the empty void between the planets.


Bachelor In Suburbia

Beacon Books B547F PB; 1962 thumbnail
Beacon B547F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Books B547F PB; 1962
Beacon B547F 1962

What This Man Knew About The Amorous Ways of Suburban Women Would Fill A Book…

Such as, for instance, this book!

Here Is Wealthy Suburbia Stripped Raw As The Tangled Game of Mixing Mates Rockets To New Heights!

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Incomplete Superman

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Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, March 1951 thumbnail
Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, March 1951

This striking cover illustration of interplanetary infatuation is based on a story by Lester Del Ray, “The Last Lunacy,” described in the table of contents by the blurb: “When the Moon came close to the Earth, the last phase began.”

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Motel Mistress


She Couldn’t Get Enough Men — And She Couldn’t Get Enough Of Any Man!

This book has the same cover painting as the incongruently titled Hot Pants Homo