We Battled Hitler’s Blood Crazed Amazons!

20164605-Man's Exploits, April 1963

Also, ‘The Lion Women Wanted My Body’, and ‘The Bawdy Mata Hari Who Sank A Fleet!’

Ride the Nazi’s Swing of Agony, Lovely Maiden

20131263-New Man - 1968 04 April - Cover by Basil Gogos

Also featuring Beware the Lust Traps of the She Wolves, Walk Into Death At Hell’s Crossroads, Shocking Scandal of Suburbia’s Strange Wives, Golden Nudes of the Monster Wizard, and my personal favorite, Fantastic Love War of the West’s Mother-Daughter Team.

Johnny Come Deadly


He knew it could be a hot town. Gambling, B-girls, dope. But no man could know about Connie…


Hot Rod Fury


A Compelling Tale Of A Courageous Group Of Teen-Agers Who Had To Prove They Weren’t Thrill Crazy Delinquents


The Big Bet (Original Title: Any Number Can Play)

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Bantam 553 (Nov., 1948). Cover by Bob Doares thumbnail
Bantam 553 (Nov., 1948). Cover by Bob Doares

He Risked His Neck on a Mad Gamble


Little Men, Big World


Too countryfied for the city, too cityfied for the country, Arky had to run the syndicate, or get out. Either way, he played for the biggest stake of all — his own life.


She Killed in Cuffs


“She slept in them. She loved in them. She killed in them.”


Knight in Space


That alien with the raygun looks like he is scared to death of the much smaller guy with a sword.