The Canvas Coffin


Ringside violence — And a brutal bedroom murder!




He was a Vice President in charge of lust!

I need to find a better scan of this cover.


Hot Pants Homo

All Star Book AS-22 1964

Apparently, the man romancing the nice young women on this cover is gay.


The Genius-Beasts


“How smart can these beasts be?”

“They can create hot women in vats.”


Giant Killer


Also, Gravity vs Space Flight


Long Time No Leola


She was Hollywood… She was sex… She was gone — really gone. Why would a movie queen do a disappearing act when she could make a killing at home?


Wild Honey


Jim sipped the wild honey of infidelity in the arms of his neighbor’s wife

From the back:

Having an attractive wife did not keep Jim from thinking about how pleasant it would be to sample his neighbor’s wife. When his chance came, Jim took more than a sample—once he had tasted the wild honey of infidelity he could not get enough. No woman in the neighborhood was safe from this sex-obsessed man. But then came Gloria, the beautiful visitor, and in one tumultuous act of lust and violence Jim learned the high price of wild honey.


Blonde on the Spot

jansonblonde thumbnail
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By Hank Janson: Best of Tough Gangster Story Authors


Strange Bargain

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19582065-[Strange Bargain.2-3

The suspenseful story of a woman’s terrible choice between the two men who claimed her!

From the back jacket:

TWO MEN AND ONE WOMAN — in a stark tale of love and hate:

THE HUSBAND, who faced death, yet thought only of a plan to destroy his rival.

THE WIFE, who could save her husband only by bargaining with a man who had but one desire–a woman.

THE LOVER, who knew love only as a wild, fierce hunger too long denied him.

On a barren, windswept mountain, these three are caught in a timeless drama that must end in shattering violence.

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