Plaything of Passion


Mad, unholy desire, strange diabolical hate, and all-consuming love reveals itself in this novel.


Barely Seen

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“Be nice to me, Johnny,” the redhead said to Linddell.”I’ve got something you want.”

Drums of Destiny

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A tempestuous novel of passion, revolution and high adventure!

From the back:

“Aren’t my kisses worth anything?”

He looked into her tempting, unscrupulous eyes and for answer pressed his lips against her sensuous mouth. Thus did Phebe, honey-colored dancing girl of Saint-Dominigue, light devils of desire in Duncan Stewart. Thus did Phebe come to symbolize Haiti itself, enchanting island with the power to turn men to swine. Wanted for murder in London, Stewart stayed on in the Paris of the West Indies. He practiced medicine amoung voodoo-worshiping blacks in whose veins revolt flowed like molten lava. He won the friendship of men like Toussaint and Henri the First and ultimately played a part in the deadliest, lustiest pageant in the entire history of the Western Hemisphere!

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Death of a Dastard


Pete Chambers investigates the indiscrete sex-life of some blackmailed beauties as he tracks down the killer of an old-fashioned cad!


The Hellcat

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Al Wheeler tangles with a fiery red-head who has a flaming temper — a sex kitten who can claw as she caresses, kisses.. as she kills

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Blonde on a Broomstick

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Rick Holman is taken for a ride by a covey of curvaceous witches… and flies straight into MURDER!

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Beware the Lady (Original Title: The Bride Wore Black)

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She was beautiful and vicious — And she was after five men!

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Three of a Kind (Original title: All Women Die)



The Saint and the Ace of Knaves


The Saint, 3 Movie Queens — And a Killer!


Night of Shame

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Beacon B234 1959

A novel of love become corruption — of two who knew each other’s bodies, but not each other’s names

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