Escape From The Isle of Death

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Rage Issue #7 December 1957
Rage for Men - 1957 12 Dec - Clarence Doore

Also, I Fought The Devil Snake, and King of Korea’s Guerrillas


Strip-Poker Swap


They first found love, but when they played Switch-Mate, raw sensuality won out!

Save Her From The Snakes


We’d gone into the jungle looking for fun and romance. But all we found was fear and terror! 

Office Hussy

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Office Hussy

Temptation traps a lovely young wife, thrust into a fast world of exciting men.

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A Slip of a Miss


Gay French Life. For when regular old American life is just not enough. 

Golddiggers of 1956


Frederick’s of Hollywood — Selling clothes other people want to take off of you since 1946!