A Corpse At Large

Ten Detective Aces December 1938

Also, Stooge for Slaughter. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Substitute For War

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Marvel Stories November 1940

That guy is really not paying attention.

Also featuring Queen Of Venus and The Man Who. This entire issue can be downloaded here



Intimate Novels 23, 1952

The daring story of a profaned love—and reckless passion!
How Many Men Can One Woman Juggle?


The College Crowd

Beacon B665X

The things that went on behind these ivy-colored walls would have made Irma La Douce blush!


The Near-Nudes

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Beacon Signal B527 1963
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Margie Grant And Her Talented Girls Modeled Bras By Day… And Played At Love With The Buying Executives By Night!

A Behind-The-Scenes Novel Of The Undergarment Industry, Revealing What Buying Executives Expect And Demand Of The Models Who Travel The Country Doing Fashion Shows To Peddle Their Wages!

Can’t make out the signature.

From the back:

Margie Grant and her girls were the attractive darlings of a traveling style show, boasting proud bodies that made men hungry. Although clothed in the respectability of legitimate business, they never failed to excite the animal passions in men buyers.
Barnstorming the buying centers of the nation Margie knew that a glimpse of tempting, half-hidden charms enticed men to look for more than value in lingerie. She’d learned that showing off undergarments in public could raise a buyer’s interest… but taking them off in private was what he really was after.
Trading Fervor For Favor And Adventure For Advancement, Margie Fought Her Way To The Top, Using Her Beauty And Basic Knowledge Of Men For All They Were Worth.
But then matters came to a head. She encouraged playboy department store heir Mike Helmhurst to offer her the burning fire of his passion which she mistook for love. Meanwhile she kept crossing paths with her former lover, Dan Kent, a traveling aeronautics inspector whose job took him, too, on an endless tour of the country. From the beginning of their affair, Margie battled her desperate need for his tempestuous love… although she knew he already had a wife.
And always waiting in the shadows, was the boss who put her in charge of the fashion group, and who expected her in return to become his mistress.