Is One Man Enough For Any Woman?

Battle Cry June 1968

Also, Sex City — Every Man’s Paradise — Miami Beach!, I Was The Guide For A White Slave Safari!, and The Prostitute Who Dealt In Sin Drugs And Murder!



Beacon Books B102 1950

She Was Cheap And Easy — but Unforgettable!


The Mad Nymphomaniac Of Avalon

All Man - Spetember 1965

Her Uninhibited Antics Turned A Boating Party Into An Orgy Of Horror

Also featuring How They Make Sex Movies!, The Reds Sentenced Me To Death!, and Count de Sade: King Of Pain


Frenzy (Original Title: Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square)

Frenzy cover Robert McGinnis thumbnail
Paperback Library 65-713, 1971 thumbnail
Frenzy cover Robert McGinnis
Paperback Library 65-713, 1971

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Queen Of Pain

Man's Adventure March 1965

Also, Exposing The Vice Operations In The Most Wide Open City In The World , and In The Most Wide Open Season In The World