Murder In The Sky

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Thrilling Detective March 1945

Also featuring The Dead Reach Far, but the cover actually illustrates Lead for the Editor. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


Slight Touch Of Satan


This entire issue can be downloaded here


Dishonorable Lady


The story of a modern Delilah


The Other Side of The Tracks

Chevron Publications, No.127 1967

He wanted only to live life as a human being but his lusts conspired against him.

From the back:

Pete Carson came out of jail with the firm resolve never again to spend time behind bars. He was determined to stay out of trouble.
His parole officer got him a job in Ed Thompson’s gas station as a grease monkey and his life began to run smoothly . . that is until luscious Zena Brandon entered the picture. She was his dream come true, a symbol of innocent girlhood that had for so long eluded him. He began to date Zena regularly, elevating her pedestal higher with each successive date. He was even contemplating asking her to marry him . . . until he learned the vicious, perverse reality that was her life!
Heartbroken and disillusioned he accepted the not-to-be-denied invitation from his boss’ seductive, but over-ripe wife and found that his woes deepened when she was found horribly raped right after he left her house.
His only refuge became a local ‘massage’ parlor where he knew that he got what he paid for . . . and he was willing to pay a lot for what he wanted.
Only when Cheryl, the ex-lesbian entered his life did he once again begin to exist the way he wanted . . . to prove that he could rise above his jungle origin and join life as a proud member of society.


A Pinch of Poison / Nine Against New York

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Two Complete Detective Books #14 [Summer 1942]

A Pinch of Poison was also published as a stand-alone paperback. This entire issue can be downloaded here

All Thy Conquests

52053846288_Lion Library LL68 1956

A Woman Of The Streets — And Her GI Lover

The 1958 edition is here


Somebody’s Got To Die, Honey, How About You?

Man's Best November 1966


Death’s Too Good

Ten Detective Aces April 1937

Also, Murder Maiden. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Only Four Escaped

Man's World October 1961

Three-Way Breakout Of The Lovely Helen Bomber Crew

Not related to Four Who Escaped WWII’s Experimental Sex Barracks or The Four Who Escaped From The Infamous Tan Toey Barracks


Escape Convoy That Traveled Through Hell

For Men Only Magazine July 1960

He Led An Epic Survival Trek Across 300 Miles Of Cannibal Country

Also, The Yank Holdout On Guerrilla Girl Island and The Butcher Who Sent 2,000,000 To Their Graves