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Midwood Books F264, 1963

Men never knew how corrupt she was until the door was locked and the shade was down

From the back:

She Warned Them All

She removed her dress and folded it neatly over the back of a chair, taking her time, aware that his hunger was mounting as he watched from the bed. A tiny smile toyed at the corners of her lips as she reached for the clasp of her brassiere. She kept her back to him as she slid the loops down her arms and let her breasts spring loose. Slowly, knowing he was waiting, she drew in her breath and turned to face him. “Well?”

He stared. She laughed and stepped out of her heels, lifting one foot to the side of the bed, her fingers going to the garter-strap attached to her stocking. “I think I’d better warn you,” she murmured casually. “I’m not like other women.”

He blinked and frowned up at her. “What do you mean?”

Erica smiled at him. “I might be too much for you.”

He grinned, indicating his disbelief.
Erica shrugged, not surprised. “No one ever
believes me… until it’s too late for them to do anything about it.”


Love In The Shadows

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Beacon Books B589F 1963 thumbnail
Beacon B589F 1963
Beacon Books B589F 1963

To Save Her Husband’s Career, She Proposed An Affair With His Boss’s Wife — And Then She Took His Place!
She had often wondered about the “other” kind of love — and now she knew…
The Startling Novel Of A Woman Trapped By Ambition — And By Desires Even She Was Ashamed To Acknowledge

From the back:

Husband and Wife
The Both Battled for the Same Girl 
It had been in bed that Ed Galway’s beautiful wife had made the decision. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to have an affair with the boss’s wife. At first he had been shocked by Ruth’s bold suggestion. But she convinced him that it would make secure his shaky position in the firm…
And Now, Looking Down At Helen’s Curved And Trembling Body, He Decided It Had Been A Damned Good Idea…
But instead of cementing relationships at the office, the illicit intrigue had backfired — and Ed’s career came tumbling down. That’s when aggressive, sophisticated Ruth took their ambitions by the hand and invited Helen for a cocktail chat. What followed unmasked the passions she had been hiding for years… 
Ruth’s Lesbian Desires Created A Tangled Triangle That Threatened To Destroy All It Touched!

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Mademoiselle De Maupin / Adam and Two Eves

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Beacon Books B152, 1956

This painting was first published as half of the cover for Mademoiselle De Maupin by Theophile Gautier (1953)

A Rake’s Search for a Perfect Bed-Mate!

Its second publication, in its present state after minor alterations (the man coming from behind the curtain is gone), was for the novel, Adam and Two Eves by Anonymous (1956)

Unnatural Affection — Or Perverted Hate? The Young Widow Had to Choose Between Them…
A Novel That Speaks Out Boldly On A Taboo Subject

From the back:

In The Grip Of Perversity
Often whispered about—but rarely spoken of aloud—the startling theme of this story concerns Carroll, a pretty young widow. She is taken into the household of a friendly couple, only to find that her caresses are sought not only by the husband—but by his wife … Should warm, lovely Carroll be condemned for yielding both to the love of a married man, and the equally ardent embraces of a voluptuous though twisted woman? The answer is not simple. True, Carroll responds to their needs, yet it is a haunted, tortured experience . . . despite its warped delights, its moments of almost unearthly bliss. Perhaps she is more to be pitied than condemned. For the whole point of this bitterly true novel is that pretty Carroll is the seduced rather than the seducer—the sinned against, rather than the sinner … entirely too attractive for her own good.

Out of her own experience, the anonymous author tears the curtain from one of the gravest threats to modern social morality—the strange love practices trapping unwary girls today, particularly in our larger cities!

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Pennsylvania’s Grim Secret of the Missing Double

Startling Detective Adventures September 1936