Pages Of Sin

1962 Nightstand Book #NB-1589 thumbnail
1962 Nightstand Book #NB1589 thumbnail
1962 Nightstand Book #NB-1589
1962 Nightstand Book #NB1589

Her Life Story Was Written As She Lived It — In Shame!

From the back:

SINFUL DIANA was her name, and she wasn’t goddess of the hunt. She was a publisher of forbidden books, books no self-respecting individual would touch, let alone read. But there were many customers for her wares, and with the demand for her sinful product came the demand for conscienceless writers to join her sin-infested stable. That was where Joe came in, Joe who had met Diana in a bar and that same night experienced the warmth of her lips and arms. Joe who wanted to be a writer, and as Diana worked it, even a writer of lust—for it meant both money and a life of passion if Joe took advantage of her offer. So he sold himself and his talent and slipped into the gutter beside her to produce an orgy of—
Lust In Print!

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