Passion Shack

Nightstand Book NB-1533 1960

The Beach Was Their Playground For Lust!

From the back:

On The Beach…

he found them, bursting with passion and hungry 
to try every erotic thrill man and woman could
ever share. He found Monica, who wore only
a thin wrapper, so the boys could see her lush
and beautiful body. He found Mary, who came
to him in the night and demanded he satisfy her
strange and twisted lusts — which he refused until
her brother forced him at gunpoint! This was
the weird tropical world Ben Carr — architect,
society husband — had come to make for himself
in the abandoned shack on the Florida coast.
A world he had fled to in an attempt to forget
that his own beautiful wife was a lesbian. It was
a terrible and degrading world —

…Filled With Lust!


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