Passion Slaves

Nightstand Book NB-1563 1961

They Were Servants Of Sin In A World Of Shame!

From the back:

Sold Into Sin…
was what happened to Kay Muir when she ran away from home, ran away from the hot and anxious glances of her school teacher, Dr. Horace Rand. She had fled to the arms of the man who had said he loved her, only to find out he was a dope-pusher and the foulest insult to womanhood ever known. So he had sold her into despair and decadence and the sixteen-year-old voluptuary became a red-light girl, an amorous adventurer for pay or play, whose life was as devoid of hope as her arms of true love. It was a savage, brutal world of sin into which she plunged, a world of…

…Doomed Passions!


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