Passion’s Way

Century Books 1946

From the back:

To Lois Robeson, sex freedom was perfectly normal. Her mother had gone through several love affairs and so Lois was quite familiar with the art of love. It was something she could take in her stride. What she preferred was to take refuge in books and daydreams. It was only natural, therefore., that she should become a writer; only natural that she should give herself to any man she found attractive. And only natural also that she should become disillusioned and heartbroken because of the demands of her body’s passions.


3 thoughts on “Passion’s Way”

  1. I’m amused by the “modesty bodice” that was very obviously added to the original art. There was a flap (so to speak) just recently about a high school that took it upon themselves to alter yearbook pictures, adding sleeves and bodices to “immodest” dresses. Plus ça change…

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