Pretty Puppet

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Midwood #F371 1964

She was eager to be taught each new step of the strange illicit dance of desire

From the back:

The Strange Breed 
Toni… breathtakingly beautiful, majestically proportioned, fantastically depraved… a creature so cruel and yet so exciting that few of her helpless victims ever sought to escape her dark domination. 
Selena… plump and pampered and perverted… accustomed to being catered to by both men and women and equally as able to enjoy each brand of passion. 
Eunice… too young and pretty and vulnerable to cope with the perfumed sensuality that surrounded her… a girl held captive to the role of a sex-slave by her own high-voltaged passions. 
A Daring Excursion Into The World Of Erotic Bondage

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