Python Men of Lost City

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Meet the Dashing, Mystifying Captain Hazzard, Ace Adventurer, Conqueror of Fear, Master of Modern Science, Thrill to His Startling Adventure in … Python Men of Lost City

This is the only issue of this magazine ever printed. The entire thing can be downloaded here

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One thought on “Python Men of Lost City”

  1. [Captain Hazzard] had studied and developed his mental powers far beyond those of an average person; he had… marshalled a group of assistants – scientists, chemists, mathematicians, adventurers – and flung a challenge to the criminals of the world…

    I see why this only got published once.  “Magazine Publishers Inc.” (a fly-by-night name second only to “Acme Imports”) doubtless received a cease & desist order from Street & Smith Publications, whose own “Doc Savage” predated this by five years.

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