Reformatory Girls (1960)

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Avon G1213 1960 thumbnail
1960 Avon G1213 thumbnail
Avon Books G1213 1960
Avon G1213 1960
1960 Avon G1213

The shocking story of untamed she-cats in a jungle behind bars…

From the back:

Their bodies were brazen, their eyes bold — they were bad, and they knew it. They hated the grim prison, the corrupt warders, the rigid routine that was supposed to batter them into decency. But most of all, each one of these caged hellions hated not having a man…
Brutal, compellingly honest, this is the story of the wild ones, the reformatory girls who live and love by the laws of the street!

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4 thoughts on “Reformatory Girls (1960)”

    1. Hello, Lynn. With all due respect, which other edition of this book ?
      There are three of them. One is by Ray Johnson, another one is here and is signed by Ernest “Darcy” Chiriacka :
      Furthermore, this one cover does match perfectly his style, too bad he forgot to sign it !

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