Sex Off Limits

Beacon Books S75131, 1968

Her Mistake Was Her Mother’s New Husband!
The Scorching Novel Of A Mother — Daughter Rivalry

From the back:


On the surface, Sally Devlin was a normal enough girl, engaged to a young lawyer who satisfied himself with chaste good-night kisses. But at night Sally was a rebellious vixen who ran wild — and could not be satisfied even by a dozen erotic affairs. The explosion came when Sally’s divorcee mother brought home a new husband who recognized his stepdaughter’s needs…
“Go Away,” She Whispered Desperately In The Bed Room That Night. ”If You Don’t, I’ll Scream. Mother’s In The Next Room.” 
”Look, Sally, Don’t Try To Kid Me. You Knew What I Wanted. You’re Here Now. Why Else Did You Come?”
Was Sally’s case physical or psychological? Doctors are unsure, have discovered no wonder-drug for the passion fever that burned in her. But this novel dares to show the two faces of love behind the masks-and the hell-in-heaven that breaks loose when the masks come off.


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