2 thoughts on “Shadow Man”

  1. I’ve been able to identify the artists of all the Spicy Mystery Stories covers except for this one and Death Orchids.


    The artists who worked on this pulp were:
    Hugh Joseph Ward
    Delos Palmer
    William F. Soare
    Harry Lemon Parkhurst
    Allen Gustav Anderson

    I can eliminate Ward and Parkhurst outright. Neither of them did these covers. That leaves: Anderson, Soare and Palmer. But it annoys the hell out of me that none of them jump right out at me.

    My best guess is that this cover (Shadow Man) was done by Delos Palmer, whereas the other cover (Death Orchids) was done by either Anderson or Soare. (I’m leaning more towards Soare.)

    Anyone else got an opinion as to who did these two covers?

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