Song Of The Whip


Here Was A Vicious Contest Between Man And Woman. Which Was The Crueler… More Passionate… More Twisted?
A Bold, Biting Novel Of Tormented Women And The Hungers That Turn Them Into Shameless Creatures

From the back:

At the sunny resort by the sea, weird goings-on were the order of the day — and the nights were even stranger! Consider the antics of Roberta Chandler, the seductive star. Her husband amused himself with quaint little cruelties, so Roberta took up with Pat, a lady bullfighter incapable of normal desire. There was Lorna Evans, too, a refugee from Hollywood and the villainous intimacies of Garth Howard. And tall, beautiful Nikkie, model and showgirl… she took up not only with a Mexican diving boy half her size, but with pretty Lorna as well.
It all would have been so piquant, so amusing, had not Pat developed a bad habit of substituting girls for bulls. When Roberta tried to get in on the act, tragic scandal followed — with Lorna more desperate than ever to escape to wholesome love!
Why Should Sin And Iniquity Be Tolerated In The Vacation Playgrounds Of The Wealthy? Here Is A Scathing Indictment From The Talented Pen Of Barry Devlin, Of Immorality In The Guise Of Recreation, Revealing Conditions Crying For Correction!


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