South of The Bordello (1973)

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World’s Sexiest Spy Goes Down To Mexico And Upends A Nest Of Zombies, A Brothel Of Beauties And An Orgy Of “Terroristas”, All Out For A Hot Time

This entire book can be read online here
From the back:

Eve Drum is the Lady From L.U.S.T. And when the Lady goes down to Mexico it’s to infiltrate the weirdest gang of drug-popping terroristas ever bought by Red Chinese gold. Known as the Walking Dead and led by a sinister, sex-crazed Cuban, El Aparecido, their aim is to alter Uncle Sam’s image from World Leader to Dirty Old Man. Eve’s job is to stop them any way she can, and she loves doing it in a merry, murderous caper from Tijuana brothels to the final blowout in the Zombie HQ. It’s a Mexican madness, and as usual, Eve uses all she’s got to take it from the top—and, man, what a way to go!


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  1. Oh, man, that synopsis… I most definitely must dig up this and read it – with fierce ardor!

    I seize the opportunity to thank you for the great posts. Fantastic job!

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