Apparently, the full title is Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street, but it doesn’t really say that on the cover.


3 thoughts on “Sugar-Puss”

  1. A very stylish cover. It is not as well drawn as most of them but it has a tremendous feeling of “I’ve been there”. I think the artist is DYKE.

  2. My artist source is and he says it’s “Sid Dyke:

    Sid Dyke signed more covers for the early Canadian paperback publisher Export Publishing Enterprises than any other artist, 17. There is very little that I have found about Dyke. He is not listed in the Index of Canadian Illustrators but is in the Toronto City Directory for two years – 1948 and 1949. The listing reads “Sydney L. Dyke, commercial artist Bomac Engravers, residence Port Credit.” A listing for a work of art (1967) says he was born in Calgary in 1916.

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