Swamp Lust

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Their plane crashed into a swamp, a morass of lust, sin, and evil.

From the back:

Naked Lusts…
in the naked swamp. Put 26 passionate and desperate people on a doomed plane flight together, drop them in swampland too dense for search-parties, and watch them run amuck. Nine women and seventeen men. Four prostitutes who made a hundred dollars a night, and their cunning madame; a depraved wife, lustfully greedy for any man in sight; a stewardess whose sex was mostly tease, till the one guy who could tame her dragged her into the bushes; the lovely school teacher, Susan, who had never been touched, but who was hoping; the frigid Faye Foster, who knew that sinful orgies went on there in the dark every night. But it was escaped killer Tony Romano’s lot to hold all these inflamed desires and hot bodies in check, or they would never emerge from
… The Sin Swamp!

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