Wanted—In Three Pine Coffins

Ace G-Man September 1941

Also featuring Last of the Fighting Ainsleys. This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Suicide Squad Meets The Rising Sun

Ace G-Men Stories June 1942

I am tempted to tag this as Yellow Peril, if only because that Asian gentleman looks to be in some peril.


Coffins For The Suicide Squad


The Suicide Squad later went on a Dawn Patrol. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Barracks Of The Brave


File copy in unused condition from the vaults of Popular Publications. This copy was never on a news stand, it was in the vault since it was printed


G-Man Tower Tamer


A Novelette Of F.B.I. Crime-Crusader In Action

This first issue also features Special Agent From Hell


The Suicide Squad’s Dawn Patrol


The Japs were planning a barbarous air raid on America–that much was known to Kerrigan, Murdoch and Klaw, the F.B.I.’s indomitable Suicide Squad. When, where and bow this hellish blitzkrieg was to come, they were grimly determined to find out, even if that meant permitting the lovely, evil Madam Sail to lure them to the reincarnated Japanese Diva-King–who could command men to destroy themselves!


Blood, Sweat, and Bullets


I am shooting a gun while doing SCIENCE! Fuck Yeah!