Ambush In Hawaii’s “Den Of Forbidden Passions”

Action for Men, July 1970 thumbnail
Action for Men, July 1970 (Copeland) thumbnail
Action for Men, July 1970
Action for Men, July 1970 (Copeland)

It was an Island Of Caged Love-Slaves and Only Yank Conroy Could Free Them

Also featuring I Run An Amateurs Only Call-Doll Agency (Only “Moonlighting” Thrill-Seekers Need Apply), and He Smashed Australia’s Black-Opal Death Ring


The Man-Hungry Queen Who Led A Slave Ship Mutiny

Action for Men, August 1959 thumbnail
Action for Men, August 1959 (1) thumbnail
Action for Men, August 1959 (2) thumbnail
Action for Men, August 1959
Action for Men, August 1959 (1)
Action for Men, August 1959 (2)

She Took Over A Boatful Of Men In Mid-Ocean


The Treasure Rapers


Hitler’s gold was guarded by sharks for 25 years, waiting for Ryan, the man with the guts and the blonde to rip it out and fight for it

Also featuring I Rode With The Cycle Nymphs Who Stalk America, The Girl Who Played Virgin, and The Nude Captives Of Guerrilla Island


Hong Kong’s “Temple Of Pleasure” Stripper — West’s No.1 Spy

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Action For Men September 1965 thumbnail
Action For Men September 1965

Also featuring 1965’s Sex Cult Sin Parties and 10 Lost Treasures You Can Grab

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The Happy Prisoner On Wonderful Bride Island

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For Men Only July 1961 thumbnail
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For Men Only July 1961

Also, Vatican Escape Route Of The Invisible Major’s 4000 POW’s and B-Girl Dragnet For Hitler’s Below-Ground Buzz-Bomb Cavern (It Took A Woman-Baited Trap To Solve The Allies’ Headache)

This artwork was later reused for May, 1964 issue of Action For Men

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Trap For A Passionate Nude


4 men, a woman, locked together in secret… unforgettable…

Also includes Yank Who Led “Operation Girl-Lift” Rescue Mission From Massacre Valley’s Female Stockade, “Night Raiding” Ace of the 75th Fighter Squadron, and Shocking Botchups Behind Our Space Mission “Misses”


The Day 1000 Kamikazes Ran Wild

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Also features Playgirl Partisans Who Smashed Hitler’s Gestapo Headquarters


Fraulein Barracks: Incredible Captivity of A WWII G.I. / GI Prisoners of Hitler’s Amazon Frauleins

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20700251-Action for Men, March 1962 thumbnail
20700251-Action for Men, March 1962

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House Of Call Girls: Salerno Invasion Outpost


Also featuring The Mistress Keepers — Off-Limits Sex Partners and … 40 Below… No Anesthetic… I’m Going To Amputate Medcalf’s Arm…


My Four Years In The Land Of Amazon Women


He shared their strangest customs, rites and taboos in the wildest adventure epic of the 20th Century

Also, ‘Last Girl Off Shipwreck Island’, and ‘The Baby-Faced Ensign Who Saved The U.S. Marines’


Expedition To The Lost City of Gold

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Action for Men illustration, November 1971

This issue also features ‘The Death Commandos‘, “I’m Going to Steal Your Car Tonight“, and ‘What Every Man Must Know About Women’s Breasts‘. Although, if you have to read about it in this magazine, it probably won’t do you any good.

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Death-Chase for a Million-Dollar Nymph

Death-Chase for a Million-Dollar Nymph

Action for Men story illustration, July 1973


Yank Safari To A Lost Tribe: I Found WWII’s Secret $6,000,000 Looted Treasure

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This is one of the best pieces of artwork I have found yet. The whole story is told right here, from the aging SS officer in half-native garb to the (Aztec? Inca?) natives stacking the gold to the brave Yank hero saving the day. Amazing.


Fräulein U-Boat: With a stolen sub, a cargo of jewels, and five girls, a die-hard Nazi set out on the weirdest voyage of World War II


Also, ‘My Life With The Lost Tribe of Amazon Women’