Carnival of Lust (1959)

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My Husband Won’t Love Me — Will You?


Midnight Sinners (Original Title: Struggle)


She Was A Strange Girl Who Knew What She Wanted!


His Brother’s Wife

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1964 beacon #B-698X

Whit Calderson thought he had tasted real passion in the arms of other women… but then he discovered forbidden love that seemed to make the earth move!

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The Wife Spoilers

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BEACON 489 1962

They worked together by day and played with each other’s wives by night. No one suspected — until a new man joined the company and upset the precarious balance!

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Trailer-Camp Girl

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They Called Her A Trailer Tramp!

A Story Of The Carefree Women Who Live — And Love — In Trailer Camps

From the back:

A Girl In A Gilded Cage — On Wheels!
Trailer Tramp, they called Anne Mitchell. Yet she was no more than the innocent victim of explosive desire, the dupe of a diabolical brute who made of her life a hell on wheels — and Anne herself, a hellcat!

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Sins Of An Aspiring Actress (Original Title: Spotlight On Sin)


The revealing story of a woman without morals


Seduction By Appointment


A Shocking Story About The Phony Adultery Racket
Sandi was the bait that men never quite get — until that eventful night in a bathtub-for-two


Station-Wagon Wives

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The Intimate Story Of Ruth Gordon, Whose Reckless Body Made A Sin Resort Out Of A Fashionable Country Club!


Congo Song (1958)


Alone In A Society Of Men In The African Congo, Olga LeBlanc Occupied Herself With Her Lovers, Her Gorilla And Her Own Good Looks

From the back:

This powerful story of jungle love throbs with the dark lusts of the African Congo—where a bored and tempestuous white woman has nothing to do but toy with the available men: A sadistic wild animal trainer, a tormented painter and her own husband’s fiercely jealous assistant. Yet reckless, French-bred Olga LeBlanc remains a woman unfulfilled—until the arrival of a virile young American brings into her lush tropical world a man capable of mastering her deepest desires.


Sin On The Continent

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EUROPA BOOKS 1102 1st Edition - 1963
EUROPA BOOKS 1102 1st Edition - 1963 Open

A blunder of indiscretion turned the life of Tom Slater into a temporary diversion for bored wives of traveling businessmen.

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The Mark Of A Man


Each staked her claim… Each took her turn… Each left her mark…


The Queer Frenzy

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Love-Starved, Willing Women Lusted Shamelessly For His Masculinity To Satisfy Their Carnal Desires… In Vain!!

From the back:

Passion Burned In Him Like Wildfire As He Frenziedly Sought That Peculiar Kind Of Woman Who Alone Knew How To Cool The Fires Of Love.
A surging rock ‘n roll beat drove him toward his weird fate. Unfulfilled desire led him into a crazed half-world of ruthless love and bloody death for profit, a shadowy world of wanton women and frustrated men. Luscious, swinging beauties failed to satisfy his longings and he desperately hunted salvation… before it was too late!!!

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