Marriage For Four

1968 Companion Book CB566

Violent Passions Shatter The Swap Scene!

I am not sure I want to know what is going on here.


A Bed for Dying

Bee-Line Books 172 - 1967

The cops were looking for a murderer… the Mafia was searching for $1,000,000… and they were both hunting for Pete Fisher… who only wanted to escape from his beautiful, sex-starved ex-wife and a host of other willing but dangerous females!


Virgins No More

Beacon B451Y 1961

One excited him with kitten’s caresses… The other embraced him like a wildcat…
The Story Of Two Love-Hungry Women — As Different As Night And Day — Who Fought For The Embraces Of One Man!


Suburban Affair

Bedside Books BTB 961 - Suburban Affair (1960)

A suspicious gossip, a love-starved wife and a lust-crazed artist all add up to a passionate story of infidelity and adultery!

I am willing to bet this this Rudy Nappi cover was swiped from an earlier publication of a different book, but I can’t find it.


Girl Crazy

Bedside Books BTB 955 - Girl Crazy (1959)

A daring tale of love and passion that tears the puritanical lid off a quiet New England town!


Small-Town Chippie

Playtime Books 703 1964

She used sex as a snare and she baited her traps, each with a sensuous caress


Women of Evil


A Confidential Report On Women Who, In Another Age, Would Have Been Burned At The Stake As Witches


Savage Breed

Playtime Books 692-S 1964

Behind The Tinsel And Sawdust Charm, The Carnival Was A Cesspool Of Sex And Savage Desire


Scandalous French Doctor (1959)

Bedside Books 1959

The fascinating story of the loves and forbidden desires of a girl-hungry French Doctor in Paris!


Take My Love!

Complete Romance February 1950

Some Girls Marry For Money — Some For Love — Some For…?

The second and final issue.


Romance For Hire

Complete Romance December 1949

She Found Ecstasy In An Overnight Cabin!

The first of only two issues.


The Unfaithful

Beacon B811X - 1965

When the research laboratory moved to the suburbs, it brought glamorous jobs and sexual freedom to the commuters’ bored wives…
The Long Awaited Novel That Tells Frankly Of The Various Causes Of Adultery!