The Unfortunate Flesh

Midwood #63 1960

She Couldn’t Love Men — So She Turned To Woman
A Touching Story Of The Third Sex And Forbidden Love That Dares Not Tell Its Name



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Men — and women — tried to give Sandy the love she craved, but somehow it was never enough!

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Queen of Evil (1964)

After Hours 105 1964

From the back:

… In the midst of black magic where love potions, sex rites, fertility dances and a strange DEVIL WORSHIP rules over Haiti, comes beautiful Mitzi Turner, with hopes of finding a mysterious tribe. Instead, she becomes involved with domineering, powerful Laura Dixon, regarded as a Queen of Evil, believed to be the secret Voodoo Queen. In jungles as raw as the passions and perversions of its natives, sadism is a virtue. Forbidden dances with snakes. Lesbian loves on a plantation. Brutality rules supreme. A web of evil.


Intimate Physician

Beacon Books B322 1960

His Voluptuous Patients Were Sick… With Desire!
The Shocking Affairs Of A Doctor Who Made Women His Specialty — Yet Could Not Cure The Sick Passion Of His Own Wayward Bride!


Motel Girls

Beacon Books B314 1960

Cleo was young and fresh from the farm…
Julie made the beds — and used them…
Ruby knew what a motel could offer…

The Strange Story Of Three Girls Caught Up In The Seamier Side of The Motel Business


Her First Time

Midwood 34-940 1968

All it took was that first experience to let loose a wild craving for men that threatened to ruin her life.


The Party Game

Beacon Books B571F 1963

Everyone Knew About Those Wild Suburban Parties, But This One Was The Wildest — Ever!
A beautiful woman… imprisoned by inhibition… turns to hypnosis for escape — and the game is on. This thrilling therapy becomes the sophisticated set’s most torrid parlor trick!


Suburban Sin (1959)

Beacon B274 1959

Infidelity Was A Way of Life With The Split-Level Dwellers
A novel of women who traded husbands — of men who borrowed wives — of couples who embraced adultery with feverish delight.

This cover looks suspiciously similar to the cover of Change Partners. The 1963 edition is here


The Saturday Night Party (1963)

Beacon B582F 1963

The revealing story of those cozy suburban developments and the planned promiscuity among their bored, hard-drinking, hot-handed young couples.
To the fast “Garden Apartment” crowd, making love to someone else’s mate was as casual as taking a drink.

The 1972 edition is here


Summer Swap

Beacon B579F 1963

When they agreed to change partners for the summer, they didn’t know the erotic forces they were unleashing!
A Blistering Novel Of Domestic Dilemma In The Rich Commuter Country

Anyone recognize that signature?


Love Starved Hellcat

Intimate Edition 302 1959

The lustful story of a woman searching for forbidden thrills!