One Night with Nancy


A Beautiful Girl — An Amorous Male — A Great Weekend

Technically, a weekend only has one night, right?


Man for Hire (1961)


Neither of them look like they want to hire a man for the evening. Not the same as this book of the same name.


Devil Ray, Devil Woman


A Flaming Story Of Love And Adventure On A Luxury Yacht

A Sophisticated, Dramatic Tale of Men and Women in Search Of Excitement Forbidden To Most

“Do you like my hair up, or …”
“Yeah yeah, sure, now are you gonna get naked or not?”


The Sex Cure


For The Rich, Beautiful Women Of The Suburban Fast Set, Young Dr. Justin Riley Had A Favorite Prescription

Rips The Mask From Doctors Who Mix Women And Medicine

From the back cover:

You Will Be Shocked. You May Be Angry. But You’ll Hang On Every Word Of This Startling, Fast Paced Story Of A Doctor Who Violates His Oath As Casually As He Violates A Woman.

“If you’ll just open the front of your dress,” Dr. Riley said coolly. Socialite Misty Powers smiled and began to take things off, everything. Her husband was away and it seemed a good time for one of Dr. Riley’s “special treatments.”

In The Sex Cure you’ll meet suave, young Dr. Justin Riley who’s ready to take sex wherever he can find it. And he’s able to find it almost everywhere in rich, fashionable suburbia. Many a pretty patient learns that Justin has some unusual and shocking remedies in his medical bag of tricks. Even a young nurse in Justin’s office finds herself on the examining couch, and she doesn’t have as much as a headache.

Then a beautiful, innocent young girl enters Dr. Riley’s life. That she is innocent does not stop Dr. Riley; it only whets his insatiable appetite. Cynically, ruthlessly, he leads her down into the depths of shame. Then the incident occurred which brought the walls and roof down on the man who thought he was outside the laws of both his profession and decency.

This entire book can be downloaded here


Sin Mill


Lucy wasn’t a Three Nickel’s girl — she’d gone to the brothel to use the phone, but one of its patrons was eagerly waiting for her…


The Lust Merchants


The items peddled door-to-door were a convenient cover-up for sin and sex.


Bed Slave


Her duties as maid to the wealthy widow included the performance of some very special extra services!


Farmer’s Wife

24399598-Farmer's_Wife,_paperback_digest_cover,_1952 thumbnail
24399602-Farmer's_Wife thumbnail

Big-city and bold, she was dynamite in the hill country!


Sophisticated Sinner


She looked like a lady … but her lovers knew better!

Wait, WHAT?!

Narda had been a top starlet, but her body had betrayed her. Now she was determined to use her body to get back to the top!