Three of a Kind

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Midwood 32-436

They had more in common than just the plush apartment they shared… each had dollar-signs in her eyes and a price-tag on her body.

Not the same book as this one of the same title.


Zonde op Wielen


Dutch publication of Sin On Wheels, with a rather odd copy of Paul Rader‘s original artwork.


The Sexecutives


The Mark Of Their Success Was The Key To The Right Apartment

These High-Powered Executives Had Tried Everything For Kicks. Now They Went On A New One… Wife-Trading

This artwork was retouched and used for the lesbian title The Lash.


The Corrupter

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His Friendship Was A Delusion — His Love A Trap

From the back:

Run Into Trouble

Within exciting Nora Black were all the necessary ingredients for an explosion. All that was missing was the fuse, the detonator. Jay Carson supplied that lack.

Nora’s brother, Robin, had it in him to be a great football player, until Jay showed him that there were other games to be played — just as physical but less dangerous.

Rita Bell had always been true to her husband, until Jay made sin more attractive than loyalty.

 That was Jay Carson, who thrived on trouble — other people’s — and thought the world owed him permanent possession of the brass ring. Until he discovered that with the corruption of each victim, he destroyed a part of himself.


This Is Elaine

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Who Rode A Merry-Go-Round Of Sex Until It Broke Down

From the back:

Sexville, U.S.A.

Eastport was not too different from many other small towns that depended on one industry-except for one thing. The all-important industry in Eastport was managed by men who were adulterers, fornicators and perverts. The company was practically controlled by sex.

Elaine, Betty, Ruth and Marjorie were right in the middle of it-morning, noon and night.

What went on in Eastport is a shocking chronicle of what happened to a small town’s business community when control fell into the wrong hands. Author Jason Hytes has exposed their wanton merry-go-round of sex, where no one got off until the merry-go-round broke down.


Chains Of Silk

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Midwood F392 1964

She let him know she would keep him in style… as long as he could keep her satisfied.

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Lesbian Twins


Obedient to Mom’s insistence, Hilda started upstairs to join Jane for a nap. Jealousy stabbed at Bill’s heart as the ugly visions multiplied in his brain.


Lesbian Starlet


Her name was Darleen. Her body was fabulous. Her morals were wicked.

And she was willing to do ANYTHING with ANYONE to get to the top FAST!


Executive Wife


A compassionate story of love, marriage, and infidelity

Let’s hope she isn’t also an Executive Lesbian.


Have Love, Will Share


One Look At Her And You Got The Message…


Roadhouse Girl


She offered free lust to every highway bum!

Sin-bait Rosalie started her career as a waitress in The Flamingo, a shady roadhouse just outside Grove City… It was here that she met the underworld czar who took a liking to her and initiated her into the cesspool of lust-crazy living – a life of – Passion & Death!




In desperation Kitty fought for Barco to possess her. Had he known of the fate that awaited her he might’ve submitted.

What the hell does that mean?!


The Secrets of Caroline Cherie


Another chapter in the life of that tantalizing French woman who pops in and out of more beds that Amber dreamed existed.


Skin Deep

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Midwood Y153 1962

Exposing The Bare Facts Of Beauty Contests!

Each Beauty Was Judged By Her Bedroom Talents!

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