Suburbia After Dark


Restless women who make themselves more available than younger girls — to any boy with nerve!


Surprise Party

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The girl in his arms was only a secretary but the unexpected guest was his wife… and his boss!

From the back:

“I WANT …”-was what Tony had said all his life. Beautiful women, silk shirts, sleek cars and money, all the things he’d never had, all the things he’d sell his soul to attain.
“I WANT ,”—a familiar chant to Alicia, who used her millions to buy whatever struck her fancy, including four husbands and countless lovers.
I WANT …”—words Helen had heard from men ever since she was sixteen, words she had ignored until she found the one man who could give her something in return.

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Yesterday’s Man


She Suffered The Sins Of Today From — Yesterday’s Man


Bedrooms on Wheels


The Men Called Her Julia… The Women Called Her — Tramp!
Thrown into dangerous intimacy by the cramped quarters of the trailer camps, the traveling construction men and their young restless women sat on a powder keg of sex.




Honey West, the sexsational female private eye is back again — smack in the middle of a nest of American Nazis

She Can’t Say No to a dangerous job as long as it promises kicks. But Honey West, the best-stacked private eye alive, gets more than she bargains for on her new case, when

– she’s shot at by “Nazi” stormtroopers – in America!
– she’s shanghaied aboard a stolen atomic sub
– she discovers a plot to start World War III
– and she’s chosen for the harem of the greatest war criminal in history!


Wild Orgy


The Jaded Appetites Of A Strange Woman Changed The Lives Of Five People


Bayou Girl

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Beacon #129 1953
Bayou Girl Beacon B842X 1965

Primitive Love In Lusty Louisiana!
They lived in a primeval forest where love was ruled by jungle law…
It Was Matting Season… All Year ‘Round!

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Resort Girl


A merciless exposé of high life and free love in one of America’s most famous playgrounds.


Carnival Girl


Her Body Lured Her To Riotous Sin

The Sensational Story Of A Gorgeous Teen Trapped In A Noisy Jungle Of Sin

A pretty face, a love hungry body of alluring beauty… Norma was young and green. She went over big in the rowdy carnival where she learned the ropes in the savage battle of sex on the road…

From the back:

She Was Ready To Sleep Her Way Across The Country — But Not In A Truck…


Dangerous Affairs


A man enmeshed in a web spun by passionate females

That poor man!