Love Starved Woman


She Didn’t Know Her Capacity For Love Until She Read Kinsey


Flaming Flirt

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“If it takes one man or if it takes a thousand, I am getting what’s coming to me!”

Edit: Added an odd photographic recreation of this cover by Mala Land, who apparently does a lot of this sort of thing.


Bachelor In Suburbia

Beacon Books B547F PB; 1962 thumbnail
Beacon B547F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Books B547F PB; 1962
Beacon B547F 1962

What This Man Knew About The Amorous Ways of Suburban Women Would Fill A Book…

Such as, for instance, this book!

Here Is Wealthy Suburbia Stripped Raw As The Tangled Game of Mixing Mates Rockets To New Heights!

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Motel Mistress


She Couldn’t Get Enough Men — And She Couldn’t Get Enough Of Any Man!

This book has the same cover painting as the incongruently titled Hot Pants Homo


Ladies’ Masseur

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Midwood-Tower No. 50 thumbnail
Midwood-Tower No. 50

Women Couldn’t Resist Him And He Couldn’t Resist Money

Behind The Scenes In A Massage Parlor Where Man-Hungry Women Pay For Passion


Twilight Women


They Worshiped At The Shrine of Passion.
The Story Of A Strange Love Cult And Its Secret Rites!

Clearly a re-working of the cover art from Aphrodite’s Lover

Cupid’s Capers

Cupid’s Capers, October 1933 thumbnail
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Cupid’s Capers, October 1933

Enoch Bolles’ most outrageous, excellent or excessive cover, you choose which. Originally the pose was submitted as a proposed cover for Film Fun and Enoch suggested that with “enough clothes” it wouldn’t be too offensive. Film Fun did without the cover and the girl without the clothes.


The Power of Marital Love


A Complete Guide To Sexual Fulfillment In Marriage… With Case Histories