Farmer’s Wife

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Big-city and bold, she was dynamite in the hill country!


Sophisticated Sinner


She looked like a lady … but her lovers knew better!

Wait, WHAT?!

Narda had been a top starlet, but her body had betrayed her. Now she was determined to use her body to get back to the top!


The Sweet Smell Of Sin


Sex and money were all that existed for him — and all he existed for!


The Swap Set

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Beacon Books #B622F, 1962

Her Husband Pushed Her Into Infidelity!

Brad Meredith looked at his wife… and thought of the other man. “Why don’t you have an affair with him?” he asked suddenly. “It might do you good.”

From the back:

A Loyal Wife Becomes An Adulterous Wife — By Special Request Of Her Husband!

Lovely Gwen Meredith resented the ill-concealed affairs of her husband, Brad. After all, what young and passionate wife wouldn’t?
So when he suggested that she too “play around,” she looked for a likely candidate — and she didn’t have to look far because manly bachelor Mike Guthrie was already panting to take up where Brad left off…
Mike’s fight to hold Gwen begins when her pre-marital past appears, eager to reclaim her favors. Millionaire Eric Barron, once of the international jet set, says he was there first — and neither Brad nor Mike have any rights.
Gwen tries to call a halt to everything… but finds herself only at the beginning of a frenzy of surrender to her unleashed physical instincts…

What Happens When A Husband Suddenly Loosens The Reins On His Wife? An Engrossing Novel Of Mutual Marital Infidelity!


Man For Hire


In the glittering world of sensuality and lust, he sold himself to the highest bidder for moey, fame, and all the beautiful girls he could handle!


Dark Hunger

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One Night Of Unbidden Love And She Was Never The Same Again

Is Unbidden Love a euphamism for rape?

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Cult-Priest’s Daughter

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Beacon Books B496F, 1962

She Didn’t Know Her Father’s Secret Sins — Was It Too Late To Escape Him?

A book to buy — about a girl ensnared by the passion cult in which her father was high priest!

A novel to remember — about society’s battle to stamp out forbidden sex rites!

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Sin In Space


On a world older than time, built upon dope and vice, this was… Sin In Space

You can downloaded this entire book here