Sin In Space


On a world older than time, built upon dope and vice, this was… Sin In Space

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Sex Set The Pharaoh’s Destiny


In the palaces of the Pharaohs, love-making, horror, violence and orgies were common


Suburbia: Jungle of Sex

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To Candy Williams Life In The Country Meant Money — Liquor — And Lust…

What is a wife to do when her husband boasts of seducing her friend… and she suspects her teen-age son of following in his father’s bedroom slippers!

From the back:

Love? Honor? And BREAK EVERY VOW?
Can a modern family stand the pressures—an freedoms—of life in the suburbs where illicit relations are becoming the pattern of the day, and night? Worse, what if teenagers out-strip their parents in sin?
After her husband boasted of seducing her best friend, beautiful Candy Williams was faced by a question increasingly common in suburbia: What happened next, to her home… to her son?
And when her husband skipped town she had another big question: How should she treat Ellen Crowley’ who had a strange desire for her?
A third question really staggered her: Was her teenage son having an affair with a young married neighbor?
Sometimes there is no waiting for answers, not when your home is on fire from basement to bedroom!
A probing story of degenerating moral values that carry “togetherness” too far


Love Thy Neighbor’s

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Candid Reader CA1017 1970

They did unto others. Oh, did they ever!

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Monarch #233, 1962

He Was Addicted To Good Liquor, A Good Time, And Women — Good Or Bad

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Campus Women / The Dean’s Wife

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Beacon B601 1963

They Know What They Want — And It’s Often Too Much!
The Dean’s pretty wife was just one of the temptations that challenged the young Professor

She Was Cute, Blonde And 23 — And Every Student Knew About Her!


Beat Nymph


She was a wild girl seeking kicks — and got them with the willing girls and the eager guys of the beat crowd.


Love Starved Woman


She Didn’t Know Her Capacity For Love Until She Read Kinsey


Flaming Flirt

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“If it takes one man or if it takes a thousand, I am getting what’s coming to me!”

Edit: Added an odd photographic recreation of this cover by Mala Land, who apparently does a lot of this sort of thing.