Monster Of The Deep


Little known fact: Sharks are attracted to gold and hunky men. True Story.


Queen Of The Strumpets


The Most Evil Woman Of All

Also, The Place Where The Bad Girls Were and Europe’s Sultry Sweetheart


They Were Fearsome Animal Women And They Lusted For My Life!


Also, What Is Your Real Sexual Age? and Macao — Gateway To Hell


Why English Girls Prefer Foreign Lovers


Is it the sombrero, the thick masculine chest hair, or the Tommy Gun?

Also featuring The Street of Love-Starved Girls and I RIde The Death Car!


Wanted: A Mate For The Jaguar Princess

Adventure Magazine April 1965 thumbnail
Adventure April 1965 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine April 1965
Adventure April 1965

Also featuring Irish Soldiers Never Say Die, Treasure In Your Backyard and Adventure On A Shoestring


I Found A Queen Of Diamonds


Also featuring, Africa’s “Port of Instant Bliss”, Girls Were Mussolini’s Secret Weapons, Gentle Art of Wenching, and Beach Blondes Of Scandinavia


If you like first-person stories of guys finding things, don’t miss such other exciting tales as:

I Found A Pirate Queen

I Found a Jungle Temptress

I Found The Valley of Allah

I Found The Mummies of Peru

I Found Colombia’s Underwater City Of Gold

I Found A Pirate Queen

25899097-tumblr_kvg4wujYtF1qa02qlo1_r1_1280 thumbnail
Adventure June 1966 thumbnail
Adventure June 1966

Apparently, a Pirate Queen dresses like a Turkish Harem Slave Girl. Be sure to not get them confused.


I Fought The Suez Sea Beast

21199932-Adventure - 1957 03 March - Cover By Mort Kunstler as Emmett Kaye thumbnail
Adventure March 1957 thumbnail
21199932-Adventure - 1957 03 March - Cover By Mort Kunstler as Emmett Kaye
Adventure March 1957

Also, ‘The Man Who Sweet-Talks Murder’, ‘Are Other Worlds Watching Us?’, and ‘Can Sex Enslave Your Mind?’

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