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Beacon Books S95153

They switched and swapped till they were dizzy with thrills! New partners all the time—such marvelous sexy fun. Or was it?

This artwork was originally used for Dial “M” For Man before being altered.

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Guerrilla Girls

Guerrilla Girls, Pyramid (G600) 1961

Strange Loves, Savage Torture — Sudden Death
A Bold And Brutal Novel Of Women In War

From the back:

LOVE AND WAR one as deadly as the other – made up the lives of these women. For in the mountain camp of the Algerian terrorists, men and women lived in total intimacy, their raw passions sparking undying loves and death-dealing hatreds amid the flame and fury of civil war. Some women fought like jungle cats for their men – and others turned to strange dangerous relationships with each other. But all of them were ready for anything, from savage combat to diabolical torture, no quarter asked and none given. Here is the shocking story of these fighting femmes fatales – the female Legion of the Damned – the GUERRILLA GIRLS


First Love


Was It Love… Or Desire… Or Both?


Dr. Norton’s Wife

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Dell 610 (1952). Cover Art by Al Brule

Husband, wife, sister… Guilty passions shared under one roof

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The Man Who Had Too Much To Lose


A beauty and a beast — and a ruthless killer hunting both!


Dial “M” For Man

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1962 beacon #B-465F

When this woman wanted love she knew what to do — 

Hob Sampson was a local businessman who walked in on trouble every time a lonely wife like Doris Condon phoned for help. The beautiful Mrs. Condon’s husband left her cold — and she wanted a man around the house day and night!

Behind The “Respectable” Front Door In Suburbia

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Sex Is A Woman

Sex Is A Woman by Sheldon Lord 1963. thumbnail
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Sex Is A Woman by Sheldon Lord 1963.
1964 BEACON B704X

It’s a discontented young wife like Lana… A youthful widow like Nancy, empty… aching… A matron like Louise, beckoning men with her body… And They All Turned To Dr. Paul Dobson

From the back:

Has Suburbia Become Sexurbia?
Here’s a burning, powerful story of crumbling morals in the American suburban community. A doctor who forgets his Hippocratic oath to become amorously involved with his wealthy patients. A young widow hungry for love. A divorcee four times, ready for any indecent proposition. The doctor’s own wife, whose paramour is her own brother-in-law.
A man loses himself, his wife, his ideals and his prestige as a physician in the suburban sex-shuffle that is fast becoming a national disease.


The Sisters (1966)

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Beacon Softcover Library B922X 1966

Can a call girl really enjoy love the way other women do?
A frank portrait of two girls in the world’s oldest profession — and an intimate picture of the sensual life they shared!

This cover was originally used for Dial “M” For Man


Murder on the Links

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A sound made her look up. Hercule Poirot was standing in the doorway…

… peeping up her skirt? Seriously, what is going in this picture?!


Another Man’s Murder


Death disrupts the serenity of a tradition-bound Southern plantation


The Demise of a Louse


A Louse Is A Louse And When You Corner One — You’re Both In A Trap


Guerilla Girls

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Strange Loves — Savage Torture — Sudden Death

A Bold And Brutal Novel Of Women In War

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