$44,000,000 The Lost Jewels Of Shawzi The Devil

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Also featuring It’s easy to get to… the town with More Sex Than A Man Can Handle, Four French Prossies To Kill The Nazi Traitor Of St. Nazaire!, Women By The Dozens Begging To Be Taken on The Street Of Vice, and They Played Cards With Their Women As The Stake


Man-Hungry Hussy of She-Devil Island


Also, We’re Teaching Kids Legalized Murder! and Scenes From A Forbidden Keyhole: I Am A Peeping Tom


$10,000,000 In Lost Gold — The Lost Treasure of Australia


Also featuring A Girl Reporter’s Exclusive Story: I Went to a Lesbian Party


The Nymphos Who Walk The Streets

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All Man September 1961

Also, The Sex Queens Of High Society, How To Win At Crap, and I Heard My Woman Screaming

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Blood For A Nympho’s Flesh

All Man November 1962

Also featuring Sex Behind Bars, Let’s All Go Naked!, The Taste Of Torture, and Nothing To Do But Dive!


Blood For The Love Slaves

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All Man January 1965

This painting was used on at least 3 different magazines, featuring such riveting stories as; Exposing: How The Mobs Turn Strippers Into Vice Girls!, The Emerald Treasure Of The Andes: A fortune for the man strong enough to take it, Sex Dolls Who Pay Their Men, The Epic Of The USS Tang, Swapping Today Is Everybody’s Game, More Gold Than I Could Carry… $26,000,000 Treasure Of The Double-Crossing Blonde, The Plot To Blow Up The “Prostitute Express”, Sex For Sale: By The Day! The Week! or The Month!, Sam Bass — The Most Inefficient Outlaw In The WIld, Wild West, Wife-Swapping — A Reporter’s Eyewitness Report!, 14 Easy Ways Your “Best Friend” Can Cheat You At Gambling!, Sex Thoughts Of Women: How You Can Read Them!, One Hour To Stop The Nazi Rape Of St. Romaine!, and last but in no way least Trapped On An Island With 40 Nympho Brides!


Love House On The Run

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March 1959
All Man March 1959

First issue


You Can Take Your Pay in Women, Sahib McCoy


‘Outlaw, Lover, Killer, Dictator; The Fantastic Story Ataurk, The Man Who Destroyed the Harems’, ‘Fast Death If I Took The Job, Slow Death If I Refused’, ‘Love Paradise Below the Border’, and ‘A Thousand Miles to Thule’

Fry Me In Acid


Also, The Woman and the Whip: Last Stop on the Paris Underground, The Dolls Who Make The Dice Behave, and The Hot-House Hussies Who Teased A King!

The Fighting Nympho of Normandy


 “How Any Man Can Collect A Harem” Step 1) Be extremely rich

The Price You Pay For Going Naked

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All Man July 1964

Also, What Women Want Out of Sex and Jungle Duel of Death