The Seven Silver Skulls Of L’Gonda

Jungle Stories Winter 1947


The Devil’s Fangs To Strip Her Flesh

Men Today October 1963 thumbnail
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Men Today October 1963

Also featuring Nude Lust Slaves Of Hitler’s Russian MonsterScorch Their Guts In Hell’s Valley, Sex Perversion: The Growing Menace Of The 60’s, Underground Horror For The Balkan Virgins, and The Fantastic Saga of The Barbary Coast’s Bloody Madame.

Later reused by World of Men for the same story, along with I Fought The Maiden-Butchering Fiend Of Hell Village, The Sex Perils Of Coed Nymphs, I Joined A Cellar Sin Cult, and Self-Test: 5 Clues To Your Sexual Maturity

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Raw Meat For The Jaws Of Hell

Man's Story April 1962

Also featuring Passion Slave Of The Whip Goddess, Truth About Abnormal Love Impulses, Deliver Your Virgins or We Burn The Town, and Damned Beauties of The Nazi Horror Museum


He Wouldn’t Kill Patience


Also published as a paperback


The Madrigals Mystery

THE SHADOW. Winter 1949

The Shadow is being nibbled to death by ducks! Also throwing knives.


Ki-Gor And The Forbidden Mountain

Jungle Stories - Spring 1940

Ki-Gor And Helene Fall Prey To Rina, Cruel Empress Of A Lost White Empire


River Of Eyes (Original Title: Crocodile Fever)

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The Greatest Adventure Epic Since “Kon-Tiki”

From the back:

White Woman — Bad Medicine

Through out the terrifying ordeal of the crocodile hunt, the natives had stood by Dempster loyally. Especially Joseph, the Zulu. Night after night they had shared the terror, braved the horrible death in those fearsome, reptilian jaws.

But now the superstitious Africans were nervous and ill at ease. For a white woman had suddenly appeared at their female-hungry jungle camp. The woman would fill Dempster’s thoughts, sap his energies, make him careless on the river.

They knew that something bad was going to happen!

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Blood-Priestess Of Vig N’Ga

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JUNGLE STORIES. Winter 1951-52

Ki-Gor — Jungle Lord — Matches His Strength And Cunning Against A Lost White Tribe’s Enchantress

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Big Blonde and The Black Beast Ripper

True Men stories magazine cover, September 1961 thumbnail
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True Men stories magazine cover, September 1961

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The Sword of Sheba

Jungle Stories Vol. 4, No. 9 (Winter 1949-50). Cover by George Gross thumbnail
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Jungle Stories Vol. 4, No. 9 (Winter 1949-50). Cover by George Gross

Doom in the night… the beasts roaring fear… the Congo tribes fleeing… and Ki-Gor lay bound at the feet of the Conqueress!

Also includes the story Swamp Fetish

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Six Drops Of Poison

Six Drops of Poison, Male magazine cover, November 1955 thumbnail
Male November 1955 thumbnail
Six Drops of Poison, Male magazine cover, November 1955
Male November 1955

Also, Lisbon’s Secret Sex Circuit

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