Hawks of the Outremer

Oriental Stories 1931Spring thumbnail
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Oriental Stories 1931Spring
007-OS v01n04 (1931-Spr)006-007
036-OS v01n04 (1931-Spr)035
130-OS v01n04 (1931-Spr)129
142-OS v01n04 (1931-Spr)141

This entire issue, which includes the Cormac FitzGeoffrey story Hawks Of Outremer by Robert E. Howard, can be downloaded here


The Demon Caravan

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Dell #501. 1951
Dell #501. 1951 Back

At a hidden oasis in the Sahara, a French officer becomes the prospective bride-groom at an Arab wedding feast…

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Blisters of Glory

Short Stories January 25 1935

Also featuring Shrimp DanceOne Minute After Midnight, and Lost Dice.


The Dragoman’s Jest

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Oriental Stories Winter 1932
006-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)006-7
033-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)033
043-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)043
069-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)069
083-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)083

This entire issue can be downloaded here.

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Firehair, Frontier Queen, Tiger Man, Werewolf Hunter

Rangers Comics #36 1947 thumbnail
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Rangers Comics #36 1947
Rangers 036

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Caravan of Terror

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Jungle Stories Winter 1952

Also, Amazon Queen of Ophir and The Seven From Zanzibar. This entire issue can be downloaded here.

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Fiery and French… she began in innocence, and ended as a sultan’s favorite concubine

From the back:

In the sultan’s harem, power was a blood-stained scimitar, love was the whim of a barbarian… and its ways prescribed by his Academy of Love. An empire’s most beautiful women had studied there. But none learned their lessons quite as well as the French girl named Aimée Dubuc


Are American Men Sex Failures / Wife-Swap For Traveling Men

Man's Adventure May 1961 thumbnail
Real Action April 1964 vol1-6 thumbnail
Man's Adventure May 1961
Real Action April 1964 vol1-6

Featuring such thrilling pieces as She Drank Her Victim’s Blood, I Fell 50,000 FeetEscape From The Wall, Stag Show Dancer, and I Dove For Treasure

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