The Golden Sword Of Samarkand

Argosy April 27 1940 thumbnail
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Argosy April 27 1940

All the Mongol Horde Cannot Conquer the Man Who Wields The Golden Sword Of Samarkand

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Recall To Arms

Argosy March 23 1940 thumbnail
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Argosy March 23 1940

A Legionnaire Never Forgets How To Fight — This One Didn’t Try

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King Of Knaves

Argosy May 11 1940 thumbnail
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Argosy May 11 1940

He ruled by right of strength — and machine guns

Gripping Story of India’s Frontier

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Gateway To Oblivion

Argosy March 30 1940

Satan of the South Sea Spreads Evil Tentacles to Guard the Treasures of the Deep


When The Wind Blows

Argosy April 6 1940 thumbnail
Argosy Weekly April 6, 1940 thumbnail
Argosy April 6 1940
Argosy Weekly April 6, 1940

Terror Hides in the Core of the Tornado — and Death Rides the Blast

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The Green Flame

Argosy February 24 1940 thumbnail
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Argosy February 24 1940

Luridly, weirdly, it ruled a continent and threatened mankind with doom unspeakable

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