If The Noose Fits…

Dime Detective July 1950 thumbnail
Dime Detective v63 n03 [1950-07] 0013 thumbnail
Dime Detective July 1950
Dime Detective v63 n03 [1950-07] 0013

This cover was also used for Black Mask. The entire issue can be downloaded here.


The Deadly China Dolls Of Torture Island

Man's Action September 1962

Somehow, this is the secondgirl strapped to a sea-mine” cover we have posted.


Illustrated Tales Of The Supernatural

Creepy #18 1968

A rather faithful reference to cover of June 1926 Amazing Stories 


The Skipper Fouls The Devil

All-Adventure Action Novels Spring 1938

Also featuring Captain Kidd’s Cargo, Jungle Master, and The Manchu Falcon


The Underwater Dolls Who Seduced Mussolini’s Frogman Fleet

Male October 1960