Tent-Show Bride


The Carnival Stripper’s Reward Was — Degradation!

From the back:

When a marijuana scandal makes life intolerable for young Gay Leslie in her home town, she runs off with a carnival show as ballyhoo girl. Soon, in her innocence, she succumbs to the sweet talk and gorgeous body of Apollo, the strong-man with the show. The the glamor of carnival life quickly disappears, to be replaced by sordidness and cruelty. For Apollo turns out to be a mighty lover–but also a jealous, calculating madman! He makes Gay perform as the carnival stripper, each day forcing her to sink lower into degradation. Gay cannot resist this cruel, queer love–nor his reckless exploitation of her beauty. The giant is too strong, too dangerous! But she does find a haven in the arms of another man–who struggles with Apollo to break the fetters which enslave her…”

The Girl Who Loved Death


Either the perspective is really off in this painting, or she is tiny!


The Witch Finder


Under the guise of religion he tortured women who defied him and men who ignored his “righteous” cause


The Wife Next Door

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44711199-126 R V Cassill The Wife Next Door GM060[2] thumbnail
44711199-126 R V Cassill The Wife Next Door GM060[2]

They met like two comets in the night — the bored and restless man, and the lush and willing woman.

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The Peeper

Beacon B239 1959 thumbnail
Beacon 1959 B 239 thumbnail
Beacon B239 1959
Beacon 1959 B 239

No woman was safe from his prying eyes.
Probes deeply into the strangest of sins — voyeurism!

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Sex Fiend

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A doctor’s realistic report on the darker side of love and sexual impulses gone wild

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The Sad-Eyed Seductress


One look at her and Danny Boyd knew — a blonde with her kind of eyes… would be murder!!!


Blood on the Brand


The Exciting Story of a Mounty and a Girl-Scout Practicing Ballroom Dancing!

Girls Behind Prison Bars

Adventure, December 1960 thumbnail
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Adventure, December 1960

Also, I Rode With the Arab Raiders, The Street of Man-Hungry Girls and King of the Hunted


Victims of the Vortex

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Amazing Stories July 1950 thumbnail
Amazing Stories July 1950

Their destiny was to meet as… Victims of the Vortex

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