The Saint and the Ace of Knaves


The Saint, 3 Movie Queens — And a Killer!


Night of Shame

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Beacon B234 1959

A novel of love become corruption — of two who knew each other’s bodies, but not each other’s names

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Torturing Tarts of Frankfurt


The sight of pain made her shriek with pleasure

Also includes, ‘Sex Is Their Business’ and ‘Bonus: How To Cash In On The Horses’




Dangerous and sinister forces menace a terror-stricken girl


Beautiful Humburg


She was the belle of San Francisco — and the loveliest swindler in town.



Major Drummond’s Two Weeks In Hell

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Notice that Major Drummond is apparently the pair of eyes peeping into this room, not the extremely unfortunate blonde surrounded by leering Nazis.


The Doctor & The Dike

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Monarch Y176

The Doctor knew all about women, and he solved their sex problems in a most unique manner. His beautiful receptionist also had a problem — Lesbianism

From the back:

When Dr. Reed asked his patients to “lie down and talk” they wore little more than their problems, but their problems were always interesting:

Gwenn’s breasts were too small.
Claire’s were too large.
Joan did strange things with men.
Connie did stranger things with women.
Jessica could not get enough.
Sandra got too much.

Dr. Reed solved all of these problems and many more – all except his own problem – and his receptionist’s.

What Goes On Inside A Psychoanalyst’s Private Office Is A Professional Secret, And Well It Should Be For The Lusts And Perversions Spilled Out There Will Shock You To The Core

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