Dirty Jaws Of Hell

Battle Cry May 1960

Also featuring I Sold My Body For Bread!, A Girl, A 20 Foot Python… And Panic, and Wives Who Work As Call Girls


The Private Torture Slaves Of Reinhard Heydrich

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Battle Cry January 1968 thumbnail
Real Men November 1964 thumbnail
Battle Cry January 1968
Real Men November 1964

Also includes,

The Blood-Soaked Queen Of Buchenwald, Hitler’s Human Guinea Pigs, Horror Was My Business, Joseph Goebbels: Ink-stained killer of the Third Reich

The Man Who Taught The Nazis How To Torture!, How You Can Have All The Sex You Can Handle!, Vice Is My Business,

Husband Swapping is Fun, The Strange World of The Pain Lovers, Spies — Sex — Sadism: The Death-Caves of Malta, and $9,000,000 Treasure of the Nude of Casablanca

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The Berlin Nudes And Their Studio Of Torture!

Battle Cry October 1967 thumbnail
Battle Cry Oct 1967 thumbnail
Battle Cry October 1967
Battle Cry Oct 1967

Also, 12 Sex Tips To A Successful Love-Life and Wife-Swap Habits Of Typical Couples!

Cover reused from Rugged Men, October 1960


They Take Their Pleasure In Pain

Battle Cry April 1963

I could hear their screams as the red hot branding iron seared their bodies

Also featuring I Sell Sex — A White tells his own story, An internationally famed authority tells you A Dozen Ways To Better Your Love Life, The Day I Went Naked — The Uncensored story of a girl reporter’s visit to a nudist camp, and Raking Claws Of Slaughter — The bullets from my rifle were smashing its hide, still it came at me


Bring Me Every Maiden In Mexico

Battle Cry (March, 1960)

Also, Think You’re A Real Man? Are You Yellow? and The Cutest Cannibals In Africa


Wives Who Strip For Kicks

Battle Cry December 1963

Also featuring Part Time Sex (The new racket in amateur call girls), The Commie Killer Of Sinkiang (Behind the bamboo curtain the fight for freedom goes on), and Flight Into Terror (Below us the dark Atlantic was waiting for our corpses)


For Real Joy In Marriage, Give Me An American Girl’s Brand Of Love



Shoot On Sight!


The dramatic story of a Yank who spent ten months in the Dutch Underground

An unusually believable-sounding cover story for this type of magazine. Unlike, say, U-Boats Stocked With Women, Instead Of Torpedoes: the incredible story of the Sex-Subs, Germany’s deadliest anti-aircraft weapon!



The Sex-Plan That Saved 25,000 Freedom Fighters!

Battle Cry Magazine cover, February 1959 thumbnail
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Battle Cry Magazine February 1959 thumbnail
Battle Cry Magazine cover, February 1959
Battle Cry Magazine February 1959

Also, The Sub That Wrecked Japan’s Master-Plan!, I Watched King Faisal Die!, and Hitler’s Teen-Age Harlots — story of the Werewolves!

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Find Out Where You Can Get A Harem

Battle Cry Magazine June 1965 thumbnail
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Battle Cry Magazine June 1965

The best place: Nazi-occupied ancient Egypt, obviously.

Also featuring Showgirls Who Double In Vice, The House Of Naked Spies, They Forced Me To Become A Cannibal, and Two Women To Every Man: A New Approach To Sex. Cover reused from Man’s Adventure

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Love Slaves To The Beasts Of Torture

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Naked Girl-Bait For The Outlaws of Lubang Island

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Man's Adventure January 1965 thumbnail
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Battle Cry Magazine April 1968 thumbnail
Battle Cry April 1968 thumbnail
Man's Adventure January 1965
Battle Cry Magazine April 1968
Battle Cry April 1968

Also featuring, Commie Castle of Torture, The Girl Who Has Sword To Kill Castro, and The Ever-Lovin’ Housewives of Pay for Passion Villa

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How Women React to Sex

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19576577-Battle Cry, June 1963, artwork by Vic Prezio
19576568-Battle Cry, June 1963, cover by Vic Prezio

The latest studies show that women do not react well to being chained up and having giant snakes thrust in their faces. More research is needed.

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