The Stranger


Could He Tame This Amazing Woman?
He sent for a mail-order wife… and got a keg of dynamite!


Adultery in Suburbia

Adultery in Suburbia, 1964 - illus Bernard Barton.2 thumbnail
Adulltery in Suburbia, 1964 - illus Bernard Barton.BACK2 thumbnail
Adultery in Suburbia, 1964 - illus Bernard Barton.2
Adulltery in Suburbia, 1964 - illus Bernard Barton.BACK2

Her illness was nymphomania, but there were others in town far more disturbed


The Corpse In My Bed (Original Title: Most Men Don’t Kill)



Instant Love

Instant Love, paperback cover, 1963 thumbnail
Beacon Books B652F, 1963 thumbnail
Beacon B652F 1963 thumbnail
Instant Love, paperback cover, 1963
Beacon Books B652F, 1963
Beacon B652F 1963

Mix One Part Money and One Part Martini…

The Bold New Novel Of The Motel Madness And The Men And Women Who Live By It 

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A Woman Of Forty

Popular 413 1952 thumbnail
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Popular 413 1952

What Husbands Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them

From the back:

What would you do if you had a million dollars and only a year to live? Would you lie down and wait for death? Or would you pull all the stops and cram a lifetime of living into 365 days? Faced with this problem, Lawrence Herrick decided to buy himself an affair with one of Broadway’s long-legged cover girls. He found what he was looking for at one of Guy Mellor’s wild weekend parties. The girl was lush, red-haired artist’s model, Rusty Otis. She was all any man could want. But Herrick’s first night with Rusty taunted his brain with one question: Was she too much woman for him?

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New Orleans Lady


She Dared To Hide The Secret Of Her Love-Bargain Behind A Mask Of Glamour


Never Kill A Cop! (1953)


Had his own brother framed him for the fall guy?


Fools and Their Folly (Original Title: Then and Now)


A Florentine Lover — A Bewitching Woman — A Night Of Surprises!


The Girl in the Cop’s Pocket


Was She Headed For A Headline Or A Headstone?


A Man Obsessed


Manhunt in a Nightmare Future

So, it’s a dystopian sci-fi medical horror mystery about a showgirl?