Intimate Affairs of a Sinful Model (Original Title: Immoral Models)

Croydon Books 107 1954

See also: Immoral Models


Love-Crazy Millionaire

Croydon No. 57 1954

He Fell Prey To His Private Secretary.

Was She The Boss’s Office Wife?


Another Man’s Wife (Original Title: Bondage)

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Stallion Books 214 1953 thumbnail
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Stallion Books 214 1953

She fanned his emotions to white heat – but she was his boss’ wife
A Novel Of Firey Passion And Secret Shame

Later re-titled again to His Best Friend’s Wife


High Priced Party Girl

High Priced Party Girl, paperback cover, 1953 thumbnail
Croydon Book, No. 33, 1953 thumbnail
High Priced Party Girl, paperback cover, 1953
Croydon Book, No. 33, 1953

A brutally frank story of a glamorous model drawn into a racket

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Jezebel’s Daughter (Original Title: Mother And Daughter)

uni book 27

She Was Raised In Wickedness… And Nurtured On Sin
This lovely girl posed as the sister of her graven mother. Then fate unmasked them. They became love rivals!


The Queer Sisters

1952 Uni-Book #43 thumbnail
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Stallion Books, 1954 thumbnail
1952 Uni-Book #43
Uni-Book 1952
Stallion Books, 1954

Twisted Love and Hateful Passion in a Suspenseful Setting!

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Male Virgin

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The frank, intriguing story of a man’s search for an answer to the mystery and meaning of love…

Cover art later reused for Nudist Camp

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Nudist Camp


They Worshiped Nature In The Raw
A Scathing Novel Of Life And Love Among The Nudists!

From the back:

Della knew what it was to worship nature. After all, where she came from it was considered quite proper to swim or sunbathe unclad. She decided to welcome this strange sect that wanted to camp on her property — thought she might even join in the fun and games…

It was all so lovely, so innocent — until voluptuous Ada Holden, a girl completely without scruple, began to love nature a little too passionately. Under such circumstances, few men could withstand deliberate temptation. Certainly not Ricky, Della’s husband…

It was then Della realized a she-devil had entered paradise. She fought back with the only weapon she had — her own glorious body!

Cover art reused from Male Virgin. This entire book can be downloaded here