The Way With Women

Saber Books #SA-76, 1964

She had everything men would want, but she also had a way of making them suffer before they could possess her…


One Adam And Five Eves

Tropic Book 938 (1966)

These Five Mountain Lovelies Were Hell-Bent And Determined That Jocko Remain With Them In The Isolated And Primitive Area Where They Lived


The Suckers

The Suckers by James Fullilove Vega Book V-24 (1962)

Leelia had come to ask Dr. Tritt for an abortion, but before she could tell him her troubles, his renewed proposal of marriage gave her a better out…


Rape Included


The hoods and their girl friends looked on with amusement while Rachel went through her forced act of stripping.


Untamed Desires

Saber SA-48 1964

It was Laura this time. She was a hostess in a local hotel. I could tell that it had been a long time for her… tell she needed someone badly…


Take Me, Stranger

Saber SA-112 1967

Through the keyhole, she saw an entirely nude, sexy-looking blonde… and the man intimately caressing the girl was her husband Paul…


Pay Off The Damned

Saber SA-86 1965

Frankie knew what she was about to do was wrong: letting one man ravage her body while she was married to another


Sin On The Continent

EUROPA BOOKS 1102 1st Edition - 1963 thumbnail
EUROPA BOOKS 1102 1st Edition - 1963 Open thumbnail
EUROPA BOOKS 1102 1st Edition - 1963
EUROPA BOOKS 1102 1st Edition - 1963 Open

A blunder of indiscretion turned the life of Tom Slater into a temporary diversion for bored wives of traveling businessmen.

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Obsession (1967)

Saber Tropic Book #942 1967

Forgetting Valerie wasn’t easy, but Larry had a marvelous time with all the girls whom he used in his effort


The Schemers (1966)

Saber Tropic Book 930 1966

It was only a matter of time that Marie Clark’s real self would come back to the surface


The Naked Archer

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Vega Books V-49 1966 thumbnail
Vega Books V-49 1966

Because she favored women for love, each arrow she shot at her male assistant seemed to be aimed closer to castrate him

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His Second Wife


It took him two years in the Orient to learn that differences between women were only skin deep — including… His Second Wife


Inroad to Immorality

Saber Tropic 940 1067

Feeling as though she could almost read his mind, Marcia felt embarrassed…


A Purple Horse


He liked women and money, and used women sexually — those ranging from his wife’s sexy maid to his old-maid secretary — purely for animal satisfaction and wealth.