Bullets For The Bridegroom / The Lying Killer

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Murder Interrupts A Wedding Night

Whit Whitney plays tag with blondes, blackjack and sudden death in Reno

They knew it was a tough town. But they hardly expected to be threatened with death by strangers because they forgot the marriage licence

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The Women In His Life (Original Title: Bachelors Are Made)

Novel Library 33 (1950)

Intimate Revelations Of A Handsome Playboy Who Loved ‘Em And Left ‘Em — All But One

Bewitching Beauty, Sinful Pleasures


Ballyhoo Pin-up for 1953

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1953 june Al Moore original
1953 pinup calendar

The rest of the calendar is here, along with most of the original artwork.


A Suitor From The Shades

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A Suitor From The Shades Weird Tales June 1927

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Power of Marital Love

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A Complete Guide To Sexual Fulfillment In Marriage… With Case Histories

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