Female Platoon

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“Missing In Action” Clayborn Was Leading An All-Girl Guerrilla Band In The War’s Most Incredible Phase

If it hadn’t been for a “missing-in-action” sailor and his night-prowling jungle girls, Germany might have won the World War right on the Isthmus of Panama.

This issue also includes;

Doctor, Lawyer, Incredible Thief The fabulous Flatbush phony conned everybody from movie stars to the President. Then he tried to take on the FBI (art by Bruce Minney)

Name: Winston; Occupation: Agent-For-Hire; Specialty: Women — Anywhere Farouk’s confiscated movies were a gold mine for the European blackmail ring, but things blew higher than a kite when one of the victims wouldn’t play patsy. (art by Bruce Minney)

The Klondike Legend Of Diamond-Navel Nancy When she was 16, a gambler in a fancy vest showed her how to handle cards, guns and men. It took her just 10 years to parlay that information into the richest strike ever made in the gold fields of the Yukon (art by Al Rossi)

The Kid Ensign and the Sub-Invading Japs In the entire war od the submarines, only once did the enemy infantry attempt to board. And the job of beating them off fell to three sailors and their very junior C.O. (art by James Bama)


The Sharks Of Okinawa


Frogmen Raiders Who Wrecked Japan’s Strange Kamikaze Fleet


The Wild Raid Of Gibbon’s Lace Panty Commandos


I thought commandos didn’t wear panties?

Also featuring The Incredible Nymph Navy That Swiped A Nazi Destroyer, The Fantastic Escape Of Mme. Torture’s Lust Slaves, Teach Me To Love: The Cry Of A Fridgid Woman, Broiled Alive By Hell’s Flame


Shriek My Sweet And Die By Inches!

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Man’s Story May 1963

Also featuring Sin Captives Of The Red’s Nymph Navy, I Prey On Young Divorcees: Confessions Of A Male Prostitute!Homicide Cop: Big Brain Plus Raw Courage, and The Fantastic Madame Who Made Paree Gay

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3 Swamp Women


Vicki: She’s been a special girl in a special house and her past wouldn’t go away…

Selma: A schoolteacher with a yen to give lessons in bed…

Nannette: A girl who would believe any man’s promise…


Vile Secrets Of Hitler’s Hideous Torture Rites

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Also includes Sex Capers of Coed Orgy Queens, Days of Agony For Russia’s Damned Virgins, 10 Sure Ways To Master A Woman Of Fire, and I Joined London’s Wildest Sin Cult.


The Screaming Nudes And The Nazi Hell Master

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Also includes Inside The Girls-Of-All-Nations Lust Commune, Soft Brides For The Hermit of Horror, Vice and Violence: The Twin Terrors Of Our Classrooms, and Intimate Confessions of a Rough Trade Chick


Vile Secrets of the Nazis’ Cult of Horror


Also featuring ‘Seal My Corpse In Satan’s Tomb!’ and ‘Damned Maidens for the French Beast


The Dink Patrol and the Love Slaves of Xuyan Than Phu


This spoof cover is from National Lampoon, November 1970.


We Battled Hitler’s Blood Crazed Amazons!

20164605-Man's Exploits, April 1963

Also, The Lion Women Wanted My Body and The Bawdy Mata Hari Who Sank A Fleet!