Wives Who Strip For Kicks

Battle Cry December 1963

Also featuring Part Time Sex (The new racket in amateur call girls), The Commie Killer Of Sinkiang (Behind the bamboo curtain the fight for freedom goes on), and Flight Into Terror (Below us the dark Atlantic was waiting for our corpses)


Different (1960)

Different, paperback cover, 1960 thumbnail
Beacon #B311 1960 thumbnail
BEACON B311 1960 thumbnail
Different, paperback cover, 1960
Beacon #B311 1960
BEACON B311 1960

Society Uses An Ugly Word To Describe These Women!
The Strange Story Of Two Who Dared To Share Everything…

From the back:

Gail Hastings had money, fame and beauty — yet these did not make her happy. What she wanted above all else was forbidden in polite society, banned by conventional morality. This is a problem far more common than generally realized. How can women in Gail’s position cope with life? Her own choice was to go after what she hungered for — even if it meant a descent into the gutter…

But Gail, inevitably, dragged down another girl with herself — the young and lovely Angela Winters. There was also the complication of Diana King, who changed husbands the way she changed evening gowns and was always ready to experiment.
True, one man might have saved Gail from her shame — but Angela stole him, and Gail was left adrift, with no way to go but down…

One Of The Most Daring Tales Ever Told — Frankly Probing Areas Of Human Behavior Which Long Have Cried Out For Closer Examination And Greater Understanding


The Plot To Kill The Commie Nude Who Stole An Empty Coffin!

Man's Life, April 1969

Also featuring The Only Town Where You Can Watch Couples Make Love In Public — With No Charge!, The Long-Haired Killers Who Helped The Nazis At Tobruck’s Ring Of Blood, The Man Who Made A Fortune… At $100 A Corpse!, and last but not least Practical Program For Improving Your Sex Technique!


Unnatural Urge


No woman was safe from the hungry eyes of this man who prowled by night, hunting out unshaded windows to feed his perverse pleasures.

From the back:

The Lusting Eye
Girl watching is a universal sport endorsed by every man worth his salt. But for most men the pleasures of the eye are only part of a much greater sport — total sex. This is the story of Joe Black, a man who found his total sex in just watching. Clinically, Joe would have been called a “voyeur,” socially, a “Peeping Tom.” By any name he was a tormented man who needed help.
In this book Joe Black takes author Orrie Hitt with him from window to window trying to explain his innermost feelings, trying to purge himself of his unnatural urge.


The Lovemakers (Man’s World)


Also featuring Nude In The Tub, Girls… Gold… Guns: Yank Boss Of 1968’s ‘Dodge City’ On The Amazon, and Scandal Of Our Gyp “Shlock” Furniture Stores: No Money Down — And Pay Forever


Soft Flesh For The Nazi’s Fanged Doom

WORLD OF MEN, Dec 1964. Cover Bruce Minney-8x6


Mission Fantastic: Smash Hitler’s Castle Of The Damned

New Man February 1970

Also featuring Teen Lust Cults: America’s Growing Peril, and Sex — How It’s Used As A Secret Weapon That Can Spell Your Doom


Doomed Virgins Of Hitler’s Dr. Torture

Man's Book June 1967

Also featuring Exposed: The Sorority Of Women Who Want To Die, Sex Impulses That Spell Your Doom, My Incredible Escape From The She Demons’ Lash Of Lust, and last but certainly not least, Death On Blood Island


Sex Before Six


She gave her evenings to her husband, but her afternoons were hers to do as she pleased — She started with the delivery boy.

From the back:


Peggy’s husband couldn’t give her the two things she wanted most, the luxuries that only great wealth could buy and the sexual satisfaction that she craved as a sensual, hot-blooded woman. She used her afternoons to pursue these two greeds; but what started out as wanton matinees of romantic comedy ended in an evening of Greek tragedy.
Although this is a novel and all characters in it are fictitious, every large city in the United States has its “matinee tramps” who use their afternoons to prowl and play while husbands work and pay. This book is a truly shocking chronicle of our times.


The Devil to Pay


Peter Lance — superstud and super secret agent — in another wild and sexy adventure!


Soft Flesh For The Red’s House Of 1,000 Agonies


Also featuring 10 Weaknesses That Can Doom Your Sex Life, A Prostitute Speaks Her Mind On Sex, The Screaming Virgins Of The City Of Horror, and Way Out Kicks Of Suburbia’s Swinging Teens


So Eager To Please

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Are you sure there isn’t anything else I can do for you, sir?


The Man From Planet X #2: Tiger By The Tail


That incredible stud, Peter Lance, in another wild, erotic adventure!