Marjorie And The Mallet Slayer

True Detective November 1957

Also featuring Terror At The Amish Farmhouse and The Brunette’s Midnight Visitor


I Dare You To Leave Me!

School for Girls, paperback cover, 1958 thumbnail
Best True Fact Detective March 1954 thumbnail
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School for Girls, paperback cover, 1958
Best True Fact Detective March 1954

There Was A Devil In Her Past… And He Would Never Let Her Go!

This art was originally for Beacon Books #B202, 1958 School for Girls

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The Temptress Of Tobacco Road!

Best True Fact Detective Sept. 1953

Also, Death Gamble In Reno! and Love Trap For The Week-End Wife!

Cover reused from Special Detective


Passion is a Woman / Hollywood Starlet

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Venus Books #198 1953 thumbnail
Venus Books #198 1953

Men Used Her — And Then Came Back For More

The confidential story of a girl with a past

From the back:

Love Betrayed Her… Again and Again…
She was ambitious and her agent knew if… Her beauty got her through locked doors in Hollywood… She challenged Movie-town’s great and got away with it… until she took a handsome leading man away from a fading but still powerful star… with the result that the other woman’s revenge pursued her relentlessly… until a man from her past showed up… and her career was almost finished… Here is a powerful novel that tells the story of the struggles and triumph of one Hollywood starlet.

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Despine Was Too Beautiful To Give Up

True Detective - January 1955

Also, The Model Boy and the Baby Sitter


The Woman Chaser

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Newsstand Library U-137 Paperback Original (April, 1960). Pilot Edition. Cover by Bonfils thumbnail
Newsstand Library U-137 Paperback Original (April, 1960). Pilot Edition. Cover by Bonfils

The chase was furious — the capture was rapacious — the prize was luscious!

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Back Seat Lover

Newsstand Library U-160

He had his plot of seduction planned perfectly. It worked like a charm, but…


The Speed Set


Fast and furious excitement… frenzied and feverish passions!

From the back:

By day, they played a game of danger, flirting with death on every hairpin turn… by night, they played a game of passion, seeking new thrills with each new partner. There wasn’t anything they wouldn’t try, anything they wouldn’t do… as long as it provided the wild, hot excitement they so recklessly pursued.