Grifter’s Game (Original title: Mona)


Did He Want Her Enough To Kill For Her?

Joe Marlin thought he was just stealing the man’s luggage. But what he wound up stealing was 60 cubic inches of raw heroin — and the man’s wife!

Con man Joe Marlin was used to scoring easy cash off beautiful women. But that was before he met Mona Brassard and found himself facing the most dangerous con of his career, one that will leave him either a killer — or a corpse.

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Hot Rod Fury


A Compelling Tale Of A Courageous Group Of Teen-Agers Who Had To Prove They Weren’t Thrill Crazy Delinquents


Night of Shame

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Beacon B234 1959 thumbnail
Beacon B234 1959

A novel of love become corruption — of two who knew each other’s bodies, but not each other’s names

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