The Forty-Nine Frankensteins

Dime Mystery April 1939

Also featuring City of Tiny Corpses


Suburbia’s Tough Teen Swimming Pool Marauders

Man's Action December 1968

Also featuring The Love Practices No One Dares Talk About!, Sex Manual Murder Ring, The Nude U-Boat Raiders Of The South Atlantic, The Commie Plot to Wreck Mexico’s Olympics, and Your Wife Can Ruin Your Virility


Fast Talk Sinner

Midnight Reader MR438 -1962

Passion Talent On The Resort Circuit Made Him AFast Talk Sinner

From the back:

was young Larry West, on the sin-soaked shores of the Florida Keys, where the sand was white and the women came in all colors. He fit the sin and frolic tempo of this yachtsmen paradise where the more money you had was measured by the wild parties you threw. And wild parties were made to order for Larry West—the wilder the better. For his philosophy was sin all night and sun all day. And the bikini wantons of the idle rich lived it to the hilt. In this tropical climate every island was a—


Michigan’s ‘Gorilla’ Murderer

Startling Detective July 1930

This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Girl Who Loved Death

Amazing Stories September 1952 thumbnail
Amazing Stories Magazine September 1952 thumbnail
008-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 008 thumbnail
009-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 009 thumbnail
044-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 044 thumbnail
057-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 057 thumbnail
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Amazing Stories September 1952
Amazing Stories Magazine September 1952
008-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 008
009-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 009
044-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 044
057-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 057
085-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 085

This entire issue can be downloaded here