Wanted: A Mate For The Jaguar Princess

Adventure April 1965 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine April 1965 thumbnail
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Adventure April 1965
Adventure Magazine April 1965
Adventure v141 n04 [1965-04] 038
Adventure v141 n04 [1965-04] 034-35

Also featuring Irish Soldiers Never Say Die, Treasure In Your Backyard and Adventure On A Shoestring. This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Poisoned Pussy (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #9)

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Tower Books 45-212 1969
BelmontTower 45-212, 1969
Sock It to Me Gardner F Fox

Sock It To Me, Says Eve Drum… Which  Is What They’re All Dying To Try — And Die Trying

This entire book can be read online here


Wait For The Dead Man’s Tide!

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Dime Mystery August 1949

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Tam, Son of the Tiger

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Weird Tales, October 1931
Weird Tales_31-08_008
Weird Tales_31-08_033
Weird Tales_31-08_073

The complete August issue, which includes the Lovecraft classic The Whisper In Darkness, can be downloaded here. The October issue, which features the Turlogh O’Brien story The Gods of Bal-Sagoth by Robert E. Howard, is here.

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The Sex Kitten And The Scientist

BEACON B690X 1963

She knew the fastest way to get ahead in suburban society
Rita was welcome in every boardroom and bedroom of the home office