Dragon Doll Corsair Of The China Sea

Man's Daring. August 1960 thumbnail
Man's Daring August, 1960 thumbnail
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Man's Daring. August 1960
Man's Daring August, 1960

Also, The Naked Cult Of The Lady Judge


Torture Orgy Behind Prison Walls

Man's Daring May 1962 thumbnail
Man's Daring Magazine May 1962 thumbnail
Man's Daring May 1962
Man's Daring Magazine May 1962

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Those Commie-Killing Joy-Girls Of The Bay Of Pigs

Man's Daring Magazine September 1963


Wolf Tortures Of The Nazi Killer Queen

Wildcat Adventures Magazine April 1962 thumbnail
WILDCAT ADVENTURES April 1962 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures Magazine April 1962

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I Live By The Khama Sutra: Practical Sex Advice From An Oriental Harem

Man's Prime May 1965

Also featuring The Personal Love Life Of A Prostitute, Ravished By The Nazis, and Death By Magic


Terror Slaves Of The Nile

Web Terror Stories March 1963

Also, Mistress Of Horror Castle, The Aztec Pain-Princess, Ling-Tsu’s Experiments In Fear, and Oh, But To Die


Street Queens Are Taking Over Teenage Gangs!

Wildcat Adventures February 1962 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures Magazine January 1962 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures February 1962
Wildcat Adventures Magazine January 1962

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Community Of Women

Community Of Women thumbnail
Beacon Book #B466F, 1961 thumbnail
Community Of Women
Beacon Book #B466F, 1961

When the last commuter train pulls out of the station, it leaves behind a… Community Of Women… idle young matrons, finely bred but bored… their empty days filled with card games, cocktails and daring dreams… their empty beds waiting — often for the next deliveryman!

A Biting And Frank Novel Probing The Frustrated World Of Push-Button Kitchens — And Doorbell Love!


The Terrible Tortures of the Teenage Cults!

Man's Daring July 1961

Also featuring I Hunted The Nazi Witch of Buchenwald, The Suicide Stand of the Nude Lady Legionaries and Hypnosis Can Make You A Better Lover


The Lovemaster

Man's Action Magazine May 1960 thumbnail
Man's Action May 1960 thumbnail
Man's Action Magazine May 1960
Man's Action May 1960

Also, Lt. Brown’s Joy Girl Guerrilla Terror and Can Your Love Life Kill You?

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The Nude Mailman Who Conquered An Island

Man To Man November 1962

Also featuring Gunmen in the Bedroom, For What Would You Sell A Woman? and What Can Accidents Do To Your Sex Life?


I Was Held Prisoner On Nympho Island!

True Men Stories September 1967

Also featuring Sex Weekends — Where Frustrated Women Go!, Unlimited Love Power — How To Achieve It!, and The Naked Blonde Who Needed Blood For Passion!


Call Me Bad

34996212-CHARLES_FRACE_Call_Me_Bad,_paperback_cover,_1960 thumbnail
1960 Beacon B332 thumbnail
1960 Beacon B332

Sherry was one of those dolls you list on your expense report…

An Explosive Indictment Of The Call Girl Racket — And Women Like Sherry Jenkins, Whose Lover Did Not Know Her Profession…!

From the back:

A Call Girl is anybody… maybe your boss’s wife or yours… maybe your sweetheart, yes even your daughter! For the call girl comes from any walk of life – every level of today’s lust-ridden, money-mad; sales-crazy society. Working by appointment only, she may give more satisfaction in a night than some women do in a lifetime. If you’ve got the expense account and your name is “John” you probably have her number. And you’ll probably use it, if you don’t give a hang what happens to yourself — or her…

A lot of Johns had Sherry’s number at Central Hotel — and then along came Harry Barnes, to whom she gave a new exchange: LOve 1-0000 — a number no one had ever dialed before. Could she hide her trade from Harry, and so manage to steal him from a wife said to give away to many what Sherry sold to a few? If so, Sherry would have to depend on friends who were worse than enemies, friends like Ma Williams, the madam. Flame-haired Billie Gordon, who loved bawdry and nothing else. Joe Dolan, who wanted to blackmail Sherry. Skinny Lane, the rapist looking for more of same. And, of course, a drunken father who swore Sherry had been sired by another man!

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The Flesh Is Willing

The Flesh Is Willing

The Time Is Ripe, The Girl Is Ready…

Her Heart Was Torn Between The Woman She Loved And The Man Who Loved Her… And She Chose The Woman!



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The Girl Who Would Stop At Nothing For Thrills
Candy, the sexpot — Candy, the voluptuous — Candy, with a cashbox for a heart

From the back:

“Candy. You can’t mean it,” Jeff said.
“But I do, Jeff.”
“You can’t stop loving me just like that. I’ve given up everything for you. My wife. My family. My job….”
“Candy. Is there… someone else?”
“Who is he?”
“It’s not a ‘he’, Jeff.”